Monday, October 14, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Monday, 10/14/2013

8:00PM  AC360:
*Government Shutdown/Debt Ceiling negotiations
*Veteran's group rally "hijacked" for political gain by Republican extremists
*Affordable Care Act website issues
*Possible break in missing girl case from 2007
*360 News  & Business Bulletin:  Susan Hendricks

10:00PM AC360 Later:
*Government Shutdown
*Veteran's group rally "hijacked" for political gain by Republican extremists
During this segment, Andrew Sullivan, a self proclaimed Conservative, gave a good explanation why the Tea Party/Republican extremists are not Conservatives ~

*Terrorist on U.S. soil to stand trail
*What's your story?
*Overheard in the break

Blogger's Comments:  Dear AC360 writers - it's the Affordable Care Act, NOT Obamacare.  Please
quit fueling Tea Party/Republican misconceptions by using the term Obamacare.  I believe I've heard Mr. Cooper say "words matter"...  Also, please do your homework on the Affordable Care Act and how reporting is done by states and the exchanges vary state by state.  If a state(s) hasn't reported their numbers to the Federal Government they won't have numbers to report yet to the media.  Perhaps you should investigate the details of the Affordable Care Act and clear up many of the misconceptions flying around and being exploited in the media instead of contributing to the confusion?


Anderson was a travelin' man this weekend -  in the San Francisco Bay area on Saturday and Vivek Ranadivé posted the following two photos to his Twitter account.  The first was titled "Anderson was over"  and the second "Anderson u go first"   @Vivek is an Indian businessman, engineer, author, speaker and philanthropist. Ranadivé is the founder and CEO of TIBCO, a multi-billion dollar real-time computing company, and is credited with digitizing Wall Street in the 1980s with his first company, Teknekron Software Systems. Ranadivé is also the leader of the ownership group for the Sacramento Kings in the National Basketball Association (NBA)

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Jaanza said...

I got to 360 about 5 minutes late. Anderson was talking to Dana Bash and another woman reporter about the Senate deal to fix the shutdown and the debt ceiling. And then the most amazing thing happened: Anderson introduced Sen. AMY KLOBUCHAR!!! My Senator! Not only a Democrat but also a woman and from Minnesota! The Perfect Trifecta! For anyone who thinks about politicians from Minnesota and can come up with only Michele Bachmann, PLEASE also remember Amy Klobuchar. She's smart and sensible and it was totally awesome to see her on 360.

Not so awesome to see Gingrich but at least it was a proper panel with one pro-Republican guy and one pro-Democrat guy (Cornell Belcher). Gingrich sputtered the usual Republican spin and talking points and Belcher - and even Anderson a little - pushed back with facts and logic.

Veterans are fantastic people but I gotta ask the Vets who organized the rally at the WWII Memorial in DC and then complained about the politicians who politicized it -- what did you think would happen when they showed up and got the mic?
The corner of the screen said "LIVE" but I swear I saw the same report earlier on the Situation Room. The Q&A between Anderson and Erin McPike might have been truly live.

There was more Republican spin when Anderson talked to Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY). Grimm stated the Senate deal could pass the House but it would be a "missed opportunity" to do something with the Affordable Care Act. He also blamed the federal budget problems on the Senate and said the Senate didn't respect the House. Anderson, and I guess nobody else, didn't tell him that nobody respects the House nowadays.
Grimm also said, concerning the Affordable Care Act, "...this law will crumble under its own weight...we have to let Americans see how bad it is." Where was this kind of thinking two weeks ago? Anderson should have asked him that.

Grimm was followed by a panel; there was John King, Gloria Boger and Rana Faroohar, a new face and someone who knows a lot about economics. Farhoohar was way way better than Gergen.

The best part of Drew Griffin's report on the ACA website was the numbers: 20,000+ signed up and 90,000+ in the pipeline. It would be great if Anderson could interview one of the 20,000, to put a name and a face on those who really need to have the ACA. Republicans need to know about these people.

No disrespect to the family of Madeline McCann but the report about the new break in the case of this missing girl just felt like the obligatory "Crime and Punishment" report of the night. Nevertheless, I hope the family finds some answers.

With everything considered, it was a very good 360. The panels were even, Drew Griffin presented good information and Anderson talked to one Republican politician and one fantastic Democratic politician. YEAH, AMY! You go, girl.

aries moon said...

AC360 finally dropped their apparent all-Republican-politician-all-the-time policy and allowed Democrat Amy Klobuchar on--it was beginning to look as though Democrats weren't welcome on the show--hopefully she won't be the last one we see this week.

Didn't bother to listen to the KTH on ACA--can't stomach Drew Griffin and the Blogger's commentary pretty much explains why it wasn't worth watching. What would it take for AC360 to actually do some REAL investigative work on ACA instead of sensationalizing how "bad" it is? No matter what the problems with ACA, the GOP offers ZERO in terms of health care so the ACA will always be a billion steps ahead of the criticism.

I have some issues with Andrew Sullivan here and there, but he's always a welcome presence on AC360 Later because he rarely holds back on what's ailing our political system right now and by that I mean the GOP. Rich Galen and Rick Lazio could only sit in silence as Sullivan spoke about the horrors of the Republican party today (AC360/Later didn't bother to talk about the despicable display of protestors with Confederate flags outside the White House)--he told the truth in a forceful way that is rarely heard on CNN. AC seemed somewhat perplexed by Sullivan's obvious disgust with his party because he ended up asking where Sullivan sees himself politically. The sort of conservatives that Sullivan probably would align with have all but disappeared today. Jeff Toobin made another Later appearance and made quick work of Lazio's attempt to blame President Obama for Guantanemo not closing. I hope Sullivan and Toobin are on all week.

I guess the AC/SF thing is an upcoming 60 Minutes report?