Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Monday, 10/21/2013

8:00 PM AC360:

*Nevada school shooting
*ACA sign up snafus
* Forged documents for prisoners
* Anderson's exclusive interview with Tour De France winner Greg Lemond
(I originally had little interest in this interview but was surprise at by the facts that Lemond presented concerning Lance Armstrong.  It was very obvious that he views Armstrong with loads of contempt.  If you missed the interview  check it out here.)
* Blackfish preview

10:00 PM AC360 LATER:

* Nevada school shooting
* ACA and the Republican Party
* Dick Cheney

Blogger's Commentary:
Many of you realize that we here at ATA have been blogging AC360 for almost 8 years. More and more we find ourselves asking why? The program's content and guests are at best mediocre most nights and the ratings, and viewer hits at ATA, reflect AC360's decline in quality. We've been frustrated, thus our recent change to abbreviated blogging, but tonight's Drew Griffin report on AC360 may just have been the beginning of the end for us.  We are to a person disgusted with how skewed Drew Griffin's report was against the current administration and to further insult our intelligence Anderson had the balls to suggest that they had balanced the negative report by showing the POTUS's speech from the Rose Garden today. That, in our opinion, is a pretty weak and lazy balance to Griffin's 'investigative' report.  If you missed it here are the clips.  And may we add that Cornell Blecher's calling the report suitable for Fox News was spot on. ~ Phebe

Drew Griffin's 'fair & balanced' (please note the sarcasm) report:

The panel discussion featuring Cornell Belcher:

Anderson ended tonight's 8:00 PM hour with this update on the Puppies Behind Bars ceremony he attended this weekend:

If you watched Anderson Live, you may remember Anderson meeting "Anderson" ~

Anderson meets 'Anderson' the "Puppies Behind Bars" service dog named after him ~

And from the photo posted below, it seems that "Anderson" the dog that appeared on Anderson Live in May graduated and is in fact the dog lying down in the photo of Anderson with the three dogs and their recipients.  The photo had "Anderson" as a tag ~

And a few fans posted photos with Anderson from the event in NYC Sunday evening ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

The first report on the school shooting in Sparks NV was rather typical. Anderson stated what happened, talked to a reporter on the scene. Then Anderson interviewed the brother, Reggie Landsberry, of the killed math teacher Michael Landsberry and then a 14-year-old student, Faith Robinson, who was in the school at the time.

ATA, totally agree about your opinion on Drew Grifin's report on the ACA website and ACA itself. I was over at MSNBC during the commercial break and came back when Griffin's report was already in progress. I wondered if he covered the positive sign-ons to ACA earlier and I simply missed them. What I saw dealt with only negative results of people dealing with ACA.

At first the panel looked promising; one pro-ACA guy Cornell Belcher, and one anti-ACA guy Kevin Madden. However when Belcher stated Griffin's report was only negative, Griffin was brought back to refute that and then stayed for the rest of the panel, making it 2 anti-ACA guys for one pro-ACA guy. Belcher said that it wasn't just Griffin, all of CNN was making the case for anti-ACA. Madden kept saying the ACA wasn't working and the administration was not sharing the info showing ACA wasn't working. But it looks like Republicans and people like Griffin have plenty of "it's not working" info.

Thanks ATA for posting the video of the panel. While watching the broadcast I didn't catch what Belcher said at the very end to which Madden called a "cheap shot". Now I see Madden was repeating his "it's not working" mantra and Belcher, as Anderson was wrapping up, got in "That we got from RomenyCare." It wasn't a cheap shot, it was the truth.

For John Zarrella's report on the two fraudulently released killers and their capture, for Anderson's interview with Greg LeMond, and for the CNN documentary on killer whales promo, I was watching Hayes. So I missed the doggie report. Another thanks to ATA for including that video here.

ATA, your frustration with Anderson and the slant of 360 nowadays is understandable. I get frustrated with it too and head over to Hayes. A while back I asked for a 360 interview with a furloughed federal employee and Anderson delivered (although it didn't have the same impact as Hayes' interview with one). Recently I asked Anderson to interview someone who was happy to receive ACA and I'm still hoping that will happen.

aries moon said...

Drew Griffin's reports are mostly unwatchable, poorly researched and guaranteed to be biased against the Obama Administration--I can't hit the mute button fast enough when he's on. Someone needs to tell Anderson what 'balanced' reporting actually entails because showing a speech doesn't cut it. AC360 seems to have plenty of interest in looking for the negative regarding ACA--just to be fair, shouldn't they seek out people who have positive ACA stories to share as well? I was surprised but very pleased that Cornell Belcher just laid it all out there about how Drew's reporting was just as bad as something you'd see on Fox--talk about keeping them honest. I suppose they'll be limiting or eliminating Belcher's appearances now because he told the truth.

Anonymous said...

if you stop blogging AC360, will you also stop blogging altogether and pull the website? I so often come for the archives and also for other AC news, not just 360, but it's completely understandable if you decide to just stop altogether. It'll be sad to see the entire website go, but I support whatever you decide!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Cornell comparing Drew's story to something he would hear on Fox News.
And for those who STILL defend Anderson, just look at his smirk when he said, "We thought we were being fair because of the people standing behind the POTUS in the Rose Garden.
Someone must remind ANDERSON, how he became a household name....it was because HE TOLD OFF A GOV'T OFFICIAL who was defending corruption in New Oreleans, under the lovely Bush Administration who had been defending the awful job FEMA was doing.
Personally I would miss ATC. I'm really NOT at all impressed anymore with Anderson and I'm way over my disappointment with his anchoring on this mediocre network called CNN.
Phebe: You and your team deserve a rest from Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Please do not close the blog.Anderson is not without the blame,but still worth watching him.I would miss terribly your blog.Irene

The ATA Team said...

Dear Irene & anonymous 2:47, We're working out the details now but the blog will remain active in some form. None of the current ATA Team have interest in watching 360 on a nightly basis, it has become a tedious task instead of something that we enjoy. That means it's time to reevaluate how we move forward. Stay tuned.