Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Tuesday, 10/08/2013

8:00PM  AC360:

*Government shutdown/Debt ceiling
*US Halting military aid to Egypt
*NYPD detective arrested in bikes vs SUV clash
*New evidence in death of Kendrick Johnson
*Elizabeth Smart interview, part 2

*AC360 New & Business Bulletin:  Stephanie Elam

10:00PM  AC360 Later:
*Government shutdown/Debt Ceiling
*The word "hostage"
*NYPD detective arrested in bikers vs SUV clash
*White House statement on US/Egypt military aid to come in a few days
*NFL, Washington "Redskins" name controversy

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Anonymous said...

Huffpost has a clip of Anderson getting a bit fiesty with a Republican Congressman, "saying if you're not on MSNBC or Fox News, you get contentious interviews."
This is true....what Cooper left out was, on 360, most of the time HE ISN'T CONTENTIOUS ENOUGH, and that is the real reason he is slowly losing his audience.
It seems to me, the last "contentious" interview in had was back in 05 when he told off Mary Landreau.
Maybe Anderson should use twitter to let us all know when he plans to be contentious and we'll all tune in again, because as he went on to say, "That's what journalism is." Yes, this is true, again...
We waited how many years for him to say this?

Jaanza said...

It took me a while to notice that the government shutdown clock on the screen, counting up the hours of the shutdown, was changed. On top is now the hours counting down to the government debt ceiling limit and below that "Government Shutdown Day 8". This is in addition to the moving logo "AC360.com" (or whatever that was) scrolling in it's own box in the lower left corner of the screen and then the usual screen headline and sub-headline. What's the next thing CNN will try to to crowd in there?

The first segment about Congress, the shutdown and the debt ceiling was pretty good. Dana Bash and Jim Acosta reviewed what was going on. The panel had Paul Begala, Rich Galen and Alice Stewart. I liked Begala's comments about trust and Boehner which ended with "I wouldn't trust him either." I'm usually not a fan of seeing Anderson and the other panelists on screen and just staring into the camera while another panelist talks. But this time I enjoyed seeing Begala's chortle of disbelief when Stewart blamed everything on the Democrats for not negotiating. Begala then pointed out how dumb that was and how Republicans say they are conceeding things like keeping the government open and paying bills when that is exactly what they should be doing anyway.

Although the segment on the U.S. planning to halt military aid to Egypt was good and Ben Wedeman and Robin Wright both made some good comments (and clips of the recent rioting in Cairo), since the 360 broadcast new news articles on the internet state the U.S. is NOT planning to halt military aid. Whatever the case, I appreciated seeing international news on 360 and see that 360 Later discussed there was no change yet in dealing with Egypt.

Susan Candiotti reported an update on the motorcycle gang vs SUV driver news. This may have been more interesting if I hadn't already heard the latest about the off-cuty NYPD guy among the bikers.

Regarding the death of Kendrick Johnson, the Georgia teenager killed at his high school gym, you might commend 360 for keeping tabs on this story and covering the new photos that have been released. Or you might turn to Hayes like I did. Hayes had a great conversation with Alexis Ohanian about internet privacy.

I stayed with Hayes during the Elizabeth Smart interview. There isn't a Part 3 is there?

aries moon said...

Anderson has this thing about people surviving horrible situations and that explains his long-time interest in Elizabeth Smart I suppose, but it for me is a totally uninteresting topic and she didn't say anything earth-shattering or unexpected and is kind of a blah interview subject, even with all she's gone through. I hope that was the last of the interviews with her.

Just once I'd like to see AC have a panel discussion with two Democrats and ONE Republican--just to be fair. Once again Paul Begala was outnumbered, but he handled it.

AC360 Later could use more Democrats on their panel or at least some that will speak up more forcefully for the liberal side (Charles Blow is good for that but he can't be the only one). I was bothered by Ana Navarro and that conservative politician dominating most of the shutdown discussion. Navarro is terribly irritating and just doesn't come off well against genuinely smart people such as Amanpour and Toobin. The conversation about the use of the term hostage-taking was a waste of time--what they should've discussed is why the GOP thinks they have the right to use it against Dems considering that none of this would be happening if they had done their jobs instead of engaging in blackmail with the president (who was awesome in his press conference).