Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Wednesday, 10/02/2013

8:00PM - AC360:
*Government shutdown
*Woman not able to get into trial drug program for her cancer due to government shutdown
*New details on motorcycle pack attack on SUV

10:00PM - AC360 Later:
*Government shutdown
*Mia Farrow's bombshell that her one son may be Frank Sinatra's love child  (Anderson shared some photos of his mom and Frank Sinatra during the segment) ~

*Biker attack on SUV
*What's your story

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Jaanza said...

Again 6 or 7 minutes late to 360. Anderson was already talking to Rep. Salmon (R-AZ) and it was a pretty good interview, Anderson pushing back with the facts on several points such as Salmon prattling 'we passed 43 measures on Obamacare...' Anderson 'And you lost each time.' Salmon, 'Yes...blah blah blah President won't negotiate blah blah blah.'

Anderson also made time for Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) who blasted the Republicans for using the shutdown as a negotiating point and almost gleefully pointed out the problems Boehner's been having with members of his own party.

The panels from yesterday repeated themselves. First up - Paul Begala, Rich Galen and Alice Stewart. Stewart was the one I yelled at from my living room chair. She said the President could stop the shutdown and I yelled "NO! It's Congress!!!" Or more specifically, it's about 80 Republican members of the House. Begala pointed out the cuts Democrats already agreed to. Galen talked in circles; Anderson asked him why Obama should negotiate on Obamacare and Galen babbled about Obama not being a good negotiator.

AFter a short report from Jim Acosta on a White House meeting that ended with no progress, the second panel of John King, Gloria Borger and David Gergen started. Lots was said about the shutdown, the debt celling and negotiations. King summarized the whole hash by saying 'Neither side trusts the other'.

Very sad about Michelle Langbehn, her fight against cancer and the delay in the NIH clinical trials. The only positive thing I can say here is that Sen. Amy Klobuchar, my senator, will be donating her shutdown salary to the Foundation for the National Institute of Health. She's one of about 100 congresspeople who will donate or waive their salaries during the shutdown.

Another report on the NYC motorcycle gang vs. the SUV driver was interesting for the dumb comment by one of the biker's attorney ("He (my client) does not know any of the other bikers involved in this beating." Yeah, right.) and for the panel. Mark Geragos was on the biker's side and Sunny Hostin was on the driver's side. Geragos talked about the biker gangs in L.A. and said ' don't get in their way.' He left unsaid, and Anderson didn't ask, what to do if they aggressively get in your way.

At the end of 360, Dana Bash provided another update on the White House meeting. This was 'Breaking News' and probably kicked the Bulletin off the show. I would have rather seen the Bulletin.

Thanks for the video clip from '360 Later'. They were having fun talking about Ronan Farrow but I bet the discussion on the shutdown wasn't as amusing.

aries moon said...

Odd panel on AC360--two conservatives ganged up on Paul Begala, he could handle them, but that's not balanced and I don't get why they did that.

I feel bad for the woman who is unable to get into the program for cancer, but this is due to the GOP, it's not a "both sides" issue. Boehner has the votes to end the shutdown now. Dana Bash deserved to be lambasted by Harry Reid for her irresponsible, accusatory, biased question. She gave Eric Cantor a total pass the other night and didn't ask him tough questions at all. Anderson did a better job of challenging the Republican politician on the show, but even he could've pushed more than he did.

AC360 Later had one of their best guests ever--Carl Bernstein really brought truth to the show about how damaging the Republicans actions have been to democracy and the nation. Ana Navarro and Grover Norquist (ugh) could not match Bernstein in intelligence or logic, they could only embarrass themselves and that's what they did. Charles Blow and Tina Brown also made good points.

I liked the Mia/Ronan Farrow/Frank Sinatra discussion because I'm a fan of all of them--who knows what the real deal is--Ronan sort of resembles Sinatra but since no DNA test will be taken, we'll never know. AC had some interesting remarks about his mom and Sinatra, but unfortunately Navarro interrupted him right when he was about to make another remark--she's annoying.

Anonymous said...

I thought the panel on AC360 Later last night was excellent except for Ana Navarro. She had nothing to add. She seems very nice, but she is not ready for primetime. She should stick with the weekend shows.

Isabel Siaba said...

@Jaanza ... That's good to know that some congresistas will be donating their salaries during the shutdown. I am Brazilian, with relatives living in the U.S., and I asked several people if no one of State (government, congress, etc.) would have a positive response to the people, and only you enlighten me this. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Why does Anderson have to insert himself in every discussion?
Just saw the clip about Mia Farrow's love child, and all AC can talk about is himself and "his mom?"
Is he nine years old?
Do we know any other anchor who speaks about "his mom?"
I have nothing against Gloria, but this wasn't about HER.
It was about Mia's son who happens to resemble Frank in many ways.
This is a prime example of why I have stopped watching AC/360...along with the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

If you REALLY stopped watching, that should include the clips here too, don't ya think 11:12pm? Oh and 360 is still on the air now because "the rest of the world" isn't watching.