Thursday, October 03, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Thursday, 10/03/2013

8:00PM  - AC360:
*Car chase from the White House to Capitol Hill
*Woman killed after car crash
*Shut down stand off Day 3
*Extreme road rage in Indiana

10:00PM - AC360 Later:
*Car chase/chaos in the Capitol
*Government shutdown Day 3
*Race and health care
*Bikers/SUV confrontation
*What's your story?

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Jaanza said...

The start of 360 had the "BREAKING NEWS" graphic. However, the story about the Washington DC crazy car woman and her death was about five hours old already. Anderson asked Joe Johns about the police, "Why did they open fire?" At first I thought it was a dumb question (reckless driving in high-security areas and injuring two officers) but then I figured Anderson might be assuming the role of the dumbest viewer, someone who didn't realize the car was a weapon and there could have been other weapons in the car.

Next Anderson talked to a reporter (Deborah something?) in Brooklyn who was outside somebody's house (family member?). The reporter said 'they're not talking'. Then go away. Camping out in front of their house isn't going to endear you to them.

That point about the car as a weapon was brought up in the next part when Anderson interviewed former FBI guy Tom Fuentes.

Totally loved it when 360 showed the video of Rep. Neugabauer (R-MS) blasting a park ranger at the WWII Memorial and then being schooled by a middle-aged guy. Then I was concerned when Anderson said it was the first time he had seen the video. Really? When putting 360 together he doesn't preview the video clips? That's disturbing because it lends credence to the idea that he's not involved in making 360, that he comes in just to read the teleprompter.

I didn't like some of Dana Bash's remarks blaming Democrats for not negotiating and 'getting personal', "No wonder nothing's getting done!" As if the Republicans have never hurled personal attacks and are being perfectly reasonable. Did she see Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) talk to Carol Costello on CNN this morning? Oh yeah, Republicans would never get personal.

Anderson talked to Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY). After Grimm prattled that Obama should lead and have meetings to deal with the deadlock, Anderson said nothing about the big long meeting Obama had with Congressional leaders on Wednesday night (the one that ended when 360 was on the air and covered during Wednesday's show by Jim Acosta and Dana Bash). When Grimm said "I would do whatever it takes to get the government running." Anderson should have laughed or at least asked Grimm about his own voting record - both in the final vote that brought on the shutdown and his votes on the bills since it started. Anderson' also interviewed Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) but no Democratic politicians.

Right before the commercial break Anderson said "We'll talk to someone who's been through this before..." and showed a photo of President Clinton with Newt Gingrich off to the side. So I was really hoping he was going to talk to Clinton. Nope. "...we'll talk to Newt Gingrich." Damn.

Part to the panel discussion with Gingrich, Cornell Belcher and Rich Galen dealt with the "allegedly" private conversation between Rep. McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul discussing how reasonable and willing to negotiate they are. As if they didn't know they were wearing live miss. The only thing I liked in the panel was Belcher interrupting Gingrich with a great rebuttal.

Anderson had a little bit of new news about the motorcycle gang vs SUV driver in NYC and Gary Tuchman filed a report on another case of road rage in Kentucky.

There was no Bulletin.

I don't give a flying fig about Madonna.

aries moon said...

All the conservative guests on 360/360 Later were atrocious--who thought Alex Castellanos was worthy of the panel? The bookers have been a lot better with guest selection (Carl Bernstein, Matt Taibbi, Frank Bruni, Alison Stewart) but it's unfortunate that folks like Bill Lazio, Steve King and Grover Norquist have been invited on but I guess they have to get the most controversial and craziest GOP names--will Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gohmert be next?

Gloria Borger totally surprised me on 360 Later because she didn't seem to be pulling any punches about the GOP's culpability in creating this unnecessary shutdown crisis--she's usually knocking the President along with Gergen, but even she knows what the real deal is--it was refreshing to hear her and Charles Blow taking on Castellanos. Every now and then AC would chime in and it was clear he also wasn't buying much of the GOP line about the shutdown or Obamacare--another surprise.

The woman who was in the DC car chase and shootout was suffering from postpartum depression according to her mother--I know she could've hurt a lot more people, but it's sad that they had to shoot her--she could've gotten some help.

What happened to Jeff Toobin? He's been MIA, unless he's been on other CNN shows--haven't seen him on 360 lately.