Thursday, October 31, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Wednesday, 10/30/2013

8:00PM  AC360:
*New information on Kendrick Johnson's death (Georgia teen)
*ACA website problems - POTUS in Boston & Secy. Sebelius on Capitol Hill  
(Included a panel made up of CNN "Crossfire" anchors - not sure it this is CNN cross-promotion or lazy booking, but Newt Gingrich?  Really?)
*Little Boy and The Pope
*14 elderly patients in a California nursing home basically abandoned
*Big wave surfing controversy
*360 New & Business Bulletin:  Isha Sesay

10:00PM  AC360 Later:
*ACA website - defending Obamacare? 
*Is POTUS a "Hands Off" President?  
(So David Gergen showed up in studio tonight  to bash POTUS since Andrew Sullivan schooled him last night and he was not a happy camper.  Shall we take bets that Anderson told Sullivan to play nicer tonight?  Sullivan still got his points in but Cooper gave Gergen the first and last word.  Also, during the segment Anderson couldn't contain his contempt for President  Obama.  Apparently while giving lip service night after night about not having an opinion on Syria, but presenting both sides - cough, cough - he was really hoping that the US went to war with Syria from the comments he made tonight and the fact that he hasn't reported on sentence about the progress being made with the dismantling of Assad's chemical weapons - contrary to the numerous guests he had on AC360 saying it couldn't be done.  Guess the polio outbreak in Syria wasn't newsworthy for AC360 either, but debating big wave surfing records was?  And I had to laugh when Cooper mentioned hearing that POTUS often checked his cell phone during meetings.  This from the man who can be seen at the beginning of every break reaching for his cell phone before the camera has completely panned out.  Bless Charles Blow for pointing out that what some may view as "hand's off" is another person's "thinking man."   Gergen is so disgruntled that he's been shut out from the current White House administration that he's chosen to voice his hostilities on air and that makes me disappointed in a man I once admired.  Perhaps Cooper should ask Navarro why the Republican states have chosen not to run state health care exchanges but are part of the federal exchange.  Aren't they the party that always says the federal government needs to let the states run programs because they are more capable?)
*Most powerful list from Forbes  
*Is celebrity rehab real?
*What's your story?


This isn't directly Anderson Cooper or AC360  related, but it's something that has been talked about in comments here - CNN's slanted reporting against the ACA.

Jon Stewart has been having some fun reporting on the woes of the ACA website on The Daily Show, but this segment from Monday night shows just how slanted the reporting from Wolf Blitzer and Tom Foreman has become.  As Jon pointed out, the minute Tom talked to someone that got on the site and liked what they saw, he jumped to the next person who talked about having issues with the site.  Guess it's not just Anderson and AC360 that don't want to report success stories of the ACA, but all of CNN?

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Jaanza said...

It wasn't like I spent most of the 360 hour watching Hayes. It was only big chunks of time here and there... starting with the first segment. It's tragic and sad for the family of Kendrick Jonson but his death investigation is not one of the top 25 news items I want spend my attention on. Over to Hayes and his coverage of the ACA.

In 360's second segment, Anderson was covering the ACA and HHS Sect. Kathleen Sebelius at the congressional hearing. It seemed the video montage had more of the Republican Reps criticizing Sebelius and the ACA and not enough time on her answers. When Anderson talked to Dana Bash, Bash had a good answer about the who and the why of some folks' having their insurance cancelled and that the ultimate result would be better insurance. Anderson then introduced a panel with Newt Gingrich and Van Jones. I would apologize to Van Jones for switching to Hayes because I loathe Gingrich but Hayes was talking to !Barney Frank! about a new bill in Congress on banking and financial reform laws. Really. When it comes down to watching Gingrich or Frank the choice is so easy.

Randi Kaye's report on Pope Francis and the little boy was fluff but very cute fluff. Barely watched Stephanie Elam's report on the 14 patients abandoned at a California nursing home.

Anderson, or somebody at 360, passionately cares about monster waves and surfers. Does anyone else care? If you do, please drop a short note here on ATA. The ATA ladies are right when they say the time would have been more worthwhile if it was devoted to Syria. Personally, I watched Hayes who devoted his late-in-the-hour time to 'The Hunger Cliff', re: the cuts in SNAP, with a smart panel which included Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA).

ATA Team, although I rarely watch '360 Later' I enjoy reading your and Aries Moon's comments about the show. One of the reasons I haven't tried to watch '360 Later' is hearing about the right-slant to the show. If Anderson balanced out the viewpoints maybe I'll tune in once in a while.

And thanks for the Jon Stewart video.

aries moon said...

Lately, even when Anderson is just doing a story intro about President Obama, he takes on a snide, dismissive and disrespectful tone that really irritates me. He's not required to LOVE the President, but he is supposed to stay neutral but apparently the days of him being neutral about the Obama Administration are over. I was disappointed that Sullivan was sort of subdued in his commentary and didn't push back as much on Navarro or Gergen--it did seem as though he was told by the producers or AC to tone it down a bit. Meanwhile, Navarro gets to run her mouth non-stop and say whatever.

Blogger commentary right on target about AC and Gergen. It was infuriating to listen to Gergen bashing POTUS yet again and basically calling him incompetent. I know the president's record and what he's accomplished and had to fight against and I'm over pundits like Gergen going after him and trying to convince the public who elected him TWICE that he is not worthy of the office.

No, Anderson/AC360 will never talk about the positive news coming out of Syria--unless it's something they can bash the president over, they don't want to know and don't want their viewers to know either. AC360/Anderson are not the fair, impartial, neutral program they claim to be--not when it comes to the Obama Administration.

AC360Later seems to have run out of guests and are relying on same old-same old CNNers to be on the panel. They better step up their game because Gergen and Dr. Drew are not going to bring in big ratings for them. Step outside the CNN box for a change.

@anon 9:07 on the previous post, thank you for your post and compliment. I'm not happy with AC right now but I do give him credit for mentoring that young student. I think he is sincere about it.

Anonymous said...

AC was irritated by certain rude ppl who tried to snap a foto of him without permission.

I wonder who they are....sounds like it's a group of people maybe tourists from foreign county.

why ppl wants foto of "celebrity", i wonder. they can sell it for money later??

In the past, I saw a few stars walking on the streets in nyc such as billy crystal, bruce willis etc etc. i didn't do anything it went like "oh, that's.....".

aries moon said...

The blogger commentary triggered my memory on those Syria chemical weapons discussions. Anderson, Fouad Ajami, Fran Townsend and others 'experts' were up in arms about the logistics of finding and removing weapons--they felt that there weren't enough qualified inspectors out there to do the job within the time frame given. It's quite telling that Anderson hasn't talked about the success of the operation--turns out POTUS knew a bit more about it than Ajami, Townsend, Baer and AC. If your mantra is all about being fair, balanced, neutral and only interested in facts, why not tell the whole story? I'm betting all AC's hand-wringing and accusations of President Obama being out of touch and incompetent on the ACA will have a similar outcome.

Anonymous said...

From the blogger commentary: "Anderson couldn't contain his contempt for Obama."
This is exactly why I've very little use for Cooper or 360.
Why the contempt?
Is it because the POTUS knows not to EVER give AC an exclusive interview?
It does not matter whether Anderson wants one or not, the fact remains that President Obama is just that....THE PRESIDENT and he will have a place in history, whether Anderson approves or he doesn't approve is totally irrelevant.
And someone, somewhere is going to call Anderson will come from a private citizen or someone like Jon Stewart, but it will happen and HE BETTER BE PREPARED. The time has come to let Anderson Cooper know he is now at a third rate network, doing third rate interviews, and doing NO investigative reporting on his own, other than his 60 Minute pieces.

Anonymous said...

>Navarro gets to run her mouth non-stop and say whatever.


what a joke.