Thursday, October 31, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Thursday, 10/31/2013

8:00PM  AC360:
*Revelations from the 2012 campaign - new book by authors of Game Change
*Benghazi investigation - CIA operatives to testify before house subcommittee
*Feds to investigate death of Kendrick Johnson
*Use of electronic devices on flights okayed by FAA
*360 News & Business Bulletin:  Susan Hendricks
*New drug tunnel discovered
*The RidicuList:  Boston Strong

10:00PM  AC360 Later:
*New book on 2012 campaign revelations
*Benghazi investigation
*Death penalty debate
*Born talented or skills learned?
*What's your story?

Happy Halloween from the Ladies at ATA ~

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Jaanza said...

During the first half of 360, my viewing was interrupted several times by trick-or-treaters. But I was able to watch most of the show... except for the parts I went to MSNBC.

The first segment about 'Double Down' the new book on the 2012 presidential campaign was pretty good. It was a much better panel with Candy Crowley and Jonathan Martin. They touched upon several issues in the book like HIllary and Bill Clinton and Obama's relationship with both, Chris Christie and even pointed out that Romney hadn't paid taxes for ten years. Crowley said 'the person who comes across as worst here is John Henson'; Martin agreed. It wasn't the usual Obama bashing panel and I appreciated that.

The second segment was Drew Griffin's Benghazi report. I barely paid attention to it or when Griffin and Anderson were talking. However Crowley was also in the Benghazi panel along with Patricia Smith (son was killed at Benghazi) and Robert Baer (by phone). More Halloween interruptions at the door but I did hear Crowley state that the Benghazi investigation was way too politicized.

Why isn't Crowley on more often?

Another segment on the death of Kendrick Johnson meant more time over at MSNBC. I did see most of the news on electronic devices being allowed on flights and Anderson's interview with Nick Bilton, a blogger. Bilton was a new face for me and he spoke well about the implications of the devices-allowed decision.

I just knew the segment on the newly discovered U.S./Mexico drug tunnel would feature clips from Anderson's drug tunnel report a few years ago. Hayes' sub on MSNBC was covering Cory Booker's inaugeration as Senator from New Jersey and a retrospective and panel on how few black Senators there have been in this country.

Made it back to 360 for the Ridiculist and I'm glad I did. Instead of the usual snark or juvenile humor, Anderson talked about the Red Sox win in the World Series and 'Boston Strong'; it was a terrific piece.

The ATA Team said...

Sorry readers but we've had to go back to only registered users being able to comment. We've had a large number of anonymous comments that were unfit to print in the last two days and we just don't have the time or patience to weed through the insanity. Hope you understand.

aries moon said...

Benghazi continues to only be a conservative witch hunt--an endless attempt to bring down the Obama Administration. Jeff Toobin and Andrew Sullivan made a fine team when they confronted Amy Holmes and Rick Lazio over the motivation of the GOP for continuing to demand answers to questions that have already been answered. Jeff Toobin was pretty fiesty and annoyed with the arguments from the conservative guests--he's generally rather low-key, but I understand his frustration. There were no identifiable liberals on the panel Thursday--three Republicans (Sullivan says he's conservative). Wasn't interested in the campaign revelations or born talented segment but the death penalty discussion was in depth and very good.