Friday, October 04, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday 10/04/2013

*New details on driver killed in DC car chase
*Shooting spurs mental health questions
*Government shutdown Day 4
*More details on motorcycle mayhem story
*Wild weather in the U.S.
*360 Bulletin:  Pamela Brown

Anderson had two exclusive interviews:
First ~
Tonight on AC360, Anderson spoke with the sisters of Miriam Carey – the driver in yesterday’s DC chase. Valarie and Amy, both said their sister did experience post-partum depression with psychosis, but was not battling schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Both sisters said Miriam was a “nurturing mother” and wonderful person. They also told Anderson they didn’t know she was in Washington and are still in “shock” over the incident. They said they have a lot of questions about what happened to Miriam. A lot of things “just don’t add up,” said Amy.

In this exclusive interview, Carey’s sisters share their fond memories of her, give details on her mental state and vow to seek answers to why “she’s not alive to be with her family.”
You may watch the interview by clicking here.

Later in the program ~
His name is Sergio Consuegra and he was on his way to church when he walked by the family in an SUV being attacked by a group of motorcycle riders. He saw both husband and wife being pulled out of their car while their baby was in the back seat. He realized he must do something. So he stepped in and got between the bikers and the family. “ I have 10 kids, and when I saw the lady with that baby, that’s when it hit me, and I said I have to do something…even if they hit me, I have to do something” 

Tonight he spoke exclusively to Anderson Cooper.
You may watch the interview by clicking here.


Anderson "re-tweeted" a 60 Minutes tweet today announcing his upcoming story on this Sunday.  We will have a preview for you Sunday morning and the full coverage Sunday evening.

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Anonymous said...

The undercover cop was a hero to the family in the SUV.
Why didn't Anderson ask whether he thought this was a racially charged incident?
The driver of the SUV and his wife were Asian and the bikers, from what can been seen, had dark skin.
It is obvious that the driver in the SUV really didn't do anything to deserve this torture, and yet AC didn't pursue this line of questioning further.
This is just another episode on 360
that is introduced, but leaves many questions unanswered.

Jaanza said...

During the first segment, all about Miriam Carey who crashed into security barricades in D.C. and injured two policemen before being shot by police, I was distracted by the headline on the screen. The headline was 'New Info on Woman "Killed in DC Crash". That was misleading. Carey wasn't killed in a car crash, she was shot by police. Deborah Fayerick talked to Anderson about Carey but I barely listened.

During Anderson's interview with the two Carey sisters, one of them said "...still trying to deal with it, it's very emotional." I can understand the sentiment but can't understand talking to the media.

I also didn't understand the government shutdown clock on the screen. I'm pretty sure yesterday it was on screen for only the segment covering the shutdown. Does it need to be shown continuously? Do people really need to know the shutdown has lasted 97 hours 8 minutes and 14 seconds?

In the second segment there was more with the Carey sisters and then Dr. Drew who discussed mental health in general and Miriam Carey in particular.

At the start of the segment about the government shutdown, I didn't need to see the McConnell/Rand Paul "private conversation" again because i totally believe it was staged. However, I did like seeing again the video of Rep. Naugabauer blasting and then blasted at the WWII Memorial. Dana Bash talked about the situation in Congress, the debt ceiling and the difficulty people have been having with the Affordable Care Act website. However she never mentioned the reports that hackers have been messing with the website.

I really liked seeing Candy Crowley on the show again and wish Anderson would have talked to just her. David Gergen was "there" by phone. It would be awesome to see Crowley on the show more often because I like her point of view.

Sergio Consuegra's interview was good; I'm glad Anderson mostly stepped back and just let Sergio tell his story of trying to help the SUV driver and family against a gang of motorcycle thugs. AFAIK, the thugs aren't saying much and have probably been advised not to say anything that be be construed as racist. However one explanation I heard today is that the SUV driver was chosen for his small size; if he was Asian but a football-player-size Samoan, the thugs wouldn't have done anything.

Without the big news on Carey, the shutdown and the NYC motorcycle gang, we would have gotten more news on Tropical Storm Karen. The other weather news wasn't as dramatic. Tornadoes in Iowa and Nebraska? Snow in South Dakota? That's somewhat normal for this time of year.

Interesting topic for '60 Minutes' - asteroids. Now where are those people who say Anderson only interviews celebrities for his '60 Minutes' reports?

Anonymous said...

What exactly did an undercover NYC police officer do to help Lien and his family? If it wasn't for Sergio Consuegra, Mr Lien, his wife and may be even their baby would have been killed. The real hero is Mr Consuegra, not NYPD.

Anonymous said...

According to the NYPost Consuegra,
WAS the undercover cop.
@jaanza No AC isn't interviewing a celeb....but isn't it a coincidence that he is talking about asteroids when the movie Gravity opened???
60 Minutes is bound to do well because of the interest in this particular movie.