Friday, October 11, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 10/11/2013

*Government shutdown day 11/debt ceiling deadline looming
*Oldest park ranger effected by shutdown
*More details on Kendrick Johnson death and Anderson spoke with his parents
*3 bikers indicted in SUV assault, more expected
*American Journey/Actor has rescued hundreds of abandon animals
*360 News & Business Bulletin:  Randi Kaye

EXTRAS:  Anderson posed with a fan earlier in the week ~

And Anderson will host, along with Kelly Ripa, a charity ride in support of  CFDA's "Fashion Targets Breast Cancer" initiative at Soul Cycle on October 24th ~

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Jaanza said...

Yesterday I posted a short discussion between me and my DH which ended with him saying (in regards to 360), "They're always the same." Looking over the week I have to agree with him.

A beginning segment about the shutdown with Dana Bash and Jim Acosta. A panel with more right-leaning pundits than left-leaning. The NYC motorcycle gang and/or Kendrick Johnson. A survivor story (kidnapping or mall shooting or abandoned animals.

I almsot changed the channel when I saw the political panel. Alice Stewart, Paul Begala and ... Ralph Reed? Seriously? If Gergen wasn't available why couldn't Anderson just talk to Stewart and Begala? And again Anderson didn't confront the Republican spin with facts and reality. It would have been really helpful when Reed was equating Bill Clinton and the 95/96 shutdown with what Obama "should" be doing now. They might both be baseball games but they are completely different ball games.

In the second part of the panel, Reed again brought up Clinton, stating something like 230 red Republican districts, Obama carried only 17 of them while Clinton got 70 or 70% (don't remember exactly). Anderson should have asked Reed if he was talking about 1992 or 1996, after the Gingrich-led government shutdown and when Clinton won big.

Yesterday I asked for a 360 interview with a furloughed government employee like a park ranger and lo and behold today Anderson talked to a furloughed park ranger. It was 92-year-old Betty Reid Soskin. However I was disappointed in the interview itself. Anderson asked her about her opinions on the shutdown and Congress and about her job. It was so gosh darn cute. But in conclusion it sucked. It didn't have the weight or the meat of Hayes' interview with Lashante Austin.

Speaking of Hayes, that's where I was when Anderson was covering the NYC motorcycle gang with Susan Candiotti and then interviewing Kendrick Johnson's parents.

At the end I did see Tom Foreman's segment on the actor rescuing abandoned animals. Was this in connection to the CNN Heroes program?

Even though I didn't like Friday's 360 all that much, I do like the fan photo in today's ATA post. Anderson looks great in his t-shirt and glasses.

aries moon said...

Two conservatives and one Democrat is totally unfair. I guess they want to limit the Democratic voice and try to pass themselves off as Fox News for news-surfing viewers? I doubt that will work.

I agree the pic of AC fan photo is great.