Friday, October 25, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 10/25/2013

* Brett Favre
* JonBenet Ramsey documents released
* U.S. spying on allies

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks

Friday's AC360 was shorten to 1/2 hour and an encore presentation of Blackfish was shown at 8:30


Announced today on Twitter Anderson will be hosting the Hobbit Fan Event on 11/4/13:

According to the press release:
CNN anchor Anderson Cooper will host the entire event from New York, joined by Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield) and Orlando Bloom (Legolas). Evangeline Lilly, who joins the cast as Elf warrior, Tauriel, will log on from Los Angeles. London will host other cast additions Lee Pace (who plays Elf King Thranduil), Luke Evans (Bard the Bowman) and Andy Serkis, who previously played Gollum. Director Peter Jackson will join from Wellington. Other select theaters around the world will also allow fans to watch the event.


 Occasional AC360's news reader and CNNi anchor Isha Sesay was a guest panelist on today's Wendy William's program.

Catching up with odds & ends we've collected ~

In DC last week:
From Twitter ~

From on Flickr ~

An AC360 Web Exclusive - Maajid Nawaz speaks out after death threat

Just before sitting down to speak with Anderson, former Muslim extremist turned author and politician Maajid Nawaz learned he was named directly in a death threat from the terror group al-Shabab. That's the same group blamed for the Nairobi mall massacre, along with a string of terror attacks around the world. In a wide ranging interview, Nawaz shares his journey of de-radicalization and discusses why the voices of moderate Muslims are needed to combat extremism and terrorism.

AC360 Transcript
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1 comment:

Jaanza said...

I didn't catch the very start of Friday's 360. Did Anderson tell viewers it would only be a half-hour show?

The news about football players, brain injuries and the NFL lawsuit settlement was big news last month. Brett Favre's statement today made it news again and since I don't remember 360 covering this story earlier, I appreciated seeing it now. Sanjay Gupta and Rachel Nichols had a good discussion on this topic.

It was just a little odd that most of the pictures of Favre playing football were from his short not-great time with the Vikings and few of the pictures were him in his glory days with the Packers. That really must have ticked off the Wisconsinites. Although it was also a little odd for this to be the lead story, maybe it was first simply to further promote Rachel Nichols and her upcoming "Unguarded" show?

The panel with Jeffrey Toobin and Tom Foreman was the best part of the segment on the death of JonBenet Ramsey. Ever since Randi Kaye's "Baby Veronica" reports in which she called the little girl "indian" instead of "Native American" and some factual omissions in her report on Martha Moxley, I no longer like hearing Kaye report on anything. Toobin and Foreman had a great discussion, it was smart and thought-provoking.

Yesterday I said the news of the U.S. NSA listening on the cell phone calls of foreign leaders should be a segment and wow! Today it was a segment! And a good one too! Another great discussion on this between Anderson and Jim Sciutto.

There was a Bulletin and then Anderson saying 'that's all folks, here's am encore presentation of 'Blackfish'.' There were numerous promos for 'Blackfish' during 360 commercial breaks but I paid no attention to them. So it was a real surprise when 360 ended at half-past. Granted, it was a slow news day and everybody wanted to start the weekend early but I couldn't have been the only viewer who switched to Hayes... who had a full hour of news.

Anderson hosting a Hobbit event? ATA, if he shows up in costume will you have a photo? He'd make a good Gandolf.