Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 From Washington, DC Tuesday, 10/15/2013

Anderson was broadcasting live from Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. tonight ~

8:00PM AC360:
*Government Shutdown/Debt Ceiling
*Wounded Warrior project stepping in to help veteran's during shutdown
*News & Business Bulletin:  Stephanie Elam

10:00PM AC360 Later:
No panel discussion program tonight with Anderson broadcasting from Capitol Hill, but the hour was live
*Government Shutdown/Debt Ceiling
*Girls harassed after reporting alleged rapes
*Wounded Warrior project

The best part of the two hours was when Alex Castellanos started talking about bunny sex and Anderson asked him if he was high!  The look on Paul Begala's face was priceless!!  Here's the clip:

Boo the "Facebook Dog" visited Anderson while in NYC and posted this to his Facebook page today ~

And Anderson with some fans and "behind the scenes" in DC ~
From jaminagosti on Instagram

And Devna from AC360

And posted to Twitter ~
From @costanzojm

From @therealbkj

And a behind the scene from @danmericaCNN

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Jaanza said...

I watched 360 on Tuesday but couldn't give it my complete attention due to conversations here about the car. So I totally missed Alex Castellanos talking about bunny sex; was that in the 8 pm hour or the 10 pm?

IN the first segment, the headline on the screen should have read "GOP throws hissy fit, cancels vote on reopening govt, ceiling debt". It's a good old-fashioned hissy fit. Anderson talked to Dana Bash, Christine Romans and Rep. Peter King (R-NY) but like I said earlier, I didn't catch the details on what they said. A later headline in the first segment said "No house vote tonight, Boehner doesn't have the votes for the new plan"; I've read different theories around the internet about why Boehner wouldn't bring the Senate bill to a House vote, one of them being he thought the Democrats and the swing Republicans could get it passed and he didn't want that. Maybe Bash, Romans and King did talk about that and I missed it.

Unfortunately I missed most of the second segment but was glad to see Anderson interview Robert Reich at the start of the third. Reich gave a very smart talk on the economic impact the impasse in Congress is having and will have if they don't get moving on the shutdown and ceiling debt.

Then John King, Gloria Borger and David Gergen showed up and I was in no mood to listen to whatever Gergen had to say so I went to MSNBC.

The discussion between Alex Castellanos and Paul Begala was pretty good. I heard the parts about the fractured Republican party, Boehner not getting them together and how hard Boehner was trying to keep the Speakership. I did not hear anything about bunny sex.

I liked Anderson's interview with Steve Nardizzi who's with the Wounded Warriors charity. They are trying to help veterans hurt by the government shutdown. It would have been great if 360 showed a website address or information about how to donate; I know this information is out there with a Google search but why not advertise it on the show? Unfortunately I can't donate right now because we'll probably have to buy a new car. Can anyone recommend a good used car?

During yesterday's 360, there was a commercial promoting Anderson's profile of Lance Armstrong which would be broadcast during Wednesday's 360. I have a funny feeling we won't be seeing the Armstrong report tomorrow; there just might be too much other big news to cover.

aries moon said...

David Gergen, Gloria Borger & John King 's conversation with AC about how the GOP's bad decisions have put them and the country in a terrible position was the highlight of AC360. None of them were able to cut the GOP some slack like they usually do--things have gone too far at this point. Glad to see Robert Reich on the show discussing the impact the default would have on the country instead of David Warner.

I wasn't crazy about the Dem rep, especially when she started talking about how we need to get the deficit under control. Does she not know that the deficit has been falling faster under President Obama than it has in years?

Castellanos is one of the worst GOP pundits around but he does have a sense of humor and the rabbit/are you high moment with AC was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Boo is so cute.

Soooo cute!! ;-)

Jaanza said...

I forgot to mention the cute photos of Anderson with the doggies. Everyone is adorable in those pictures. The photos with the fans make me a little jealous I wasn't there too.

Also, was the bunny sex video clip on the ATA post last night and I totally missed it? Anyway, I just watched it and loved Castellanos' analogy.

@Aries Moon - thanks for your info about the King, Borger & Gergen panel; maybe I should have given it a chance. I'll do that tonight because I'm sure they'll be on tonight.