Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 From Washington, DC Wednesday, 10/16/2013

Anderson was again anchoring both hours from the Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C. ~

8:00PM Hour  AC360:
*Senate votes on bill to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling
*President Obama speaks
*Mostly debate and discussion from all sides

10:00PM Hour  AC360 Later:
*House votes to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling
*Mostly debate and discussion from all sides
*Lucy the rabbit pays a visit to Anderson and Alex to talk "bunny sex" (see last night's post/clip if you are confused as to why).  Lucy is up for adoption ~

*Another report from Drew Griffin on the numbers reporting from those signed up for the insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Blogger's comment:  Apparently Anderson didn't watch today's White House Press Conference (shown on CNN) and Drew Griffin is listening impaired because he talked about it, but left out a key detail.  A reporter asked a question about numbers and was told that as stated previously they would be reported on a monthly basis and the initial numbers would be available mid-November.  I guess this didn't fit the nightly narrative of Anderson asking why don't we have numbers?   It was also pointed out that traffic was high and people often make several visits to compare plans before actually purchasing insurance.  

Also, guess he missed this tweet ... or it doesn't fit the narrative either, because to listen to Anderson and Drew you would think it's a huge failure and unpopular with everyone except the Administration, even though sign up started just 16 days ago.  As Paul Begala pointed out, in the time the government was shut down the approval rating for the ACA went up 8%!

And I wanted to throw my shoe at Walker when he was talking about spending limits and said an automatic exception should be made for war.  Where does he think much of our current debt came from?  Guess he forgot about "W" putting two wars on our "credit card" and not even including them in the budget, trying to hide the costs?   Apparently Anderson forgot about it, too, because there was no push back or questions asked.

Anderson Anchored the 3PM ET hour of CNN Newsroom today.  The entire hour was devoted to discussion and interviews on the deal reached in the U.S. Senate ~

And a few fan photos posted to Twitter and Instagram ~


Rep. Steve Israel, NY ~

Elton John AIDS Foundation honors Hillary Clinton with first founders award

The event raised $1 million through an anonymous donor and more funds through an auction, which included a lunch with Anderson Cooper for $12,000 and a one-hour tennis lesson with Novak Djokovic for $60,000. Two different signed photos of John taken by Terry O'Neill went for $26,000 and $27,000, respectively.

Matt Lauer hosted the gala, filling in for Anderson Cooper who was on assignment in Washington, D.C. He provided laughs at the start of the event, but received helped from John's partner, David Furnish, who also worked to facilitate the program.
For more details on the event, please click on the above link.

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Jaanza said...

Of course, the entire 360 was about the shutdown/ceiling debt bill and what Congress would do. It's good to see Anderson in DC; don't think he'd be able to be there if his daytime talk show was still alive. While I'm still jealous of the folks who get to walk up and meet Anderson, I'm also glad people are able to do that and get a picture.

The first segment was over a half-hour long. In between news from Dana Bash, Anderson interviewed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who lamented the whole situation in Congress and the dropping poll numbers for the Republican party. Graham said "It's a debacle for us... but by next summer everyone will see what a debacle Obamacare is." Anderson should have asked him if the Republicans have learned anything and will apply that lesson to the ceiling debt vote coming up in January 2014 (or was it February?).

The panel with John King, Gloria Borger and David Gergen barely started when Bash was back with the numbers from the Senate; passed 81 - 18. Then the panel got more time and I was intrigued by Borger's comment on a new poll stating half of Republicans don't like the Tea Party and see them as being a totally separate entity. Switch to White House reporter Anna (?) who I heard talk about the Senate bill going to the House and say "...after the Senate passes it, assuming that they do..." Did I hear that correctly? Did she not hear the latest news that it already passed the Senate?

360 broadcast all of Obama's short succinct speech then back to the panel. I did check out what MSNBC was saying so when I got back Anderson was talking to somebody who's name I did not get (maybe Rep. Steve Israel?) Don't know who he was but I liked his analogy comparing Congress to Roadrunner cartoons.

Anderson could have pushed back a lot more during his interview with Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ). Salmon said "Obamacare has been a miserable failure." Anderson could have said the sign-up has barely started, doesn't officially start until next year, people have signed up and want it and/or what would you say to the part-time worker with a pre-existing condition? In his defense, Anderson did state that the votes were not there to defund Obamacare and Salmon replied, "You still gotta try." Anderson should have said 'no you don't, you can move on and get important things done for this country.' Salmon did express a nice sentiment about 'the people are our bosses' and they want him to end Obamacare. A little bit Mr. Smith but I'd bet the farm Salmon listens more to lobbyists and big-bucks donors than the real people. I wanted Anderson to tell him that most people agree with many of the elements in the ACA but he went to commercial.

The last panel was Paul Begala, Rich Galen and Matt Kibbe. Kibbe is a conservative and was not happy with the Senate vote and up-coming likely House vote. Kibbe could be a really smart guy and I could be really shallow and easily distracted but every time he had a close-up, I was having "SQUIRREL!" moments with his silly sideburns.

Hopefully tomorrow things settle down and not only can Congress move on to the other important issues which Obama mentioned in his speech, but also 360 can cut back on the politics and report a variety of other news. Now where's that Lance Armstrong report?

aries moon said...

Anderson is really gunning for ACA now that the Republicans have made utter fools of themselves and President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid faced down the GOP and didn't give an inch--I expect 360's reporting on ACA will be like their reporting on Benghazi/IRS/Fast & Furious/NSA--nothing but bashing the administration and avoiding any info that doesn't fit their "ACA is a disaster" storyline. David Corn of Mother Jones has been compiling positive accounts of people who have enrolled in ACA and have experienced significant savings. What are the chances the stories of people happy with ACA will ever air on AC360? I'm already over 360's coverage of this--I was annoyed with Anderson's snide tone when he was talking about it and Drew Griffin gets on my last nerve so I'm not even going to bother with it. ATA's Blogger's commentary is spot-on as usual.

Rachel Maddow reported that the income verification section of ACA that Dana Bash was so determined report the GOP "won" from the Democrats, is ALREADY a part of ACA, so the Republicans actually got NOTHING from the Dems and that's how it should be. All the fuss AC/Dana/Gergen were making about President Obama speaking before the House vote was just pointless--the President knew exactly what he was doing.

There seemed to be about 5-6 Republican interviews on 360 and only 2 Democratic politicians on the show. Not balanced once again.

@Jaanza, regarding your comment on the previous post, you're welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought all three AC shows were excellent. I liked having him in D.C. On a side note, Anderson looked extra handsome during the 3:00 show.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon I couldn't agree more that Anderson/AC360/CNN have decided the ACA is going to be their next Benghazi,Fast & Furious, etc. Apparently they are as learning impaired as the Republicans. I for one hope that this is a CNN dictated line because AC360 seems to be Fox news lite pretending to be fair and balanced and hoping viewers don't notice. I really hope Anderson leaves CNN given the continuing decline of CNN programming. Their ratings are hideous and they can spin them any way they want to, but they are still hideous. At a time when much of the country identifies as independents they should be gaining viewers not shedding them.

I've loved seeing Paul Begala on AC360 lately and I hope they keep booking him because he will call out the Republican talking points.

I hope that people remember this mess when they go to the voting booth next Fall and I'm guessing there will be plenty of political ads making sure they do. While it was nice to see a few Republicans denouncing the Tea Party, they couldn't refrain from going on to bash President Obama for his lack of leadership. Apparently they don't recognize real leadership and realize that sometimes leadership just means saying NO and sticking to it. They claim to be "patriots" but their actions speak loudly otherwise. They clearly love themselves and their positions in Congress more than they love our country.

@Jaanza while Republicans may say to pollers that they don't like the Tea Party, but it was more than just the Tea Party members of the House that voted against the bill to re-open the government and it was John Boehner that went back on the agreement he made with POTUS months ago that led to the shutdown. The vast majority of Republicans haven't accepted that POTUS won election in 2008 and re-election in 2012. They vowed to make him a one term president on inauguration day 2009 and have refused to work with him ever since. They have refused the Senate's budget and to talk about anything other than their repeated attempts to repeal "Obamacare". The Tea Party is a minority group of the Republican's in Congress and if the Republican's wanted to negotiate with the Dems and POTUS and pass legislation they could do so, but they don't want to, so they don't and now they are blaming everything on the Tea Party faction.

Andrew Sullivan (who I have issues with over his support of the war in Iraq among other things) was spot on Monday night on AC360 Later, but it was obvious his words were falling on deaf ears with the other two Republicans sitting at the table.

Our country is being held hostage - our recovery could have been much faster and our debt would be less, but the Republicans are just playing the role of obstructionists. AC360 needs to do some KTH segments on the Republican Party and Drew Griffin needs to do some investigative reporting instead of repeating Republican talking points and giving Republican after Republican air time to spout their talking points and bash POTUS without any push back from Anderson.

I really hope Anderson leaves CNN and soon. I'd like to think he's better than this. His talents are certainly being wasted on CNN.


aries moon said...

@Jenn, another excellent post from you and once again I totally agree with everything you said.

@Jaanza, you made some great points about AC not challenging Matt Salmon, it was frustrating.

Anonymous said...

"His talents are being wasted on CNN."
No, Anderson Cooper's talents are NOT being wasted on CNN.
He is highly paid for what he does, and what he does is slant everything he says and asks, towards the right wing.
Would he do better at Fox News?
Probably not, too much competition and too many other "stars that shine brightly."
@ ATA Blogger: Your thoughts yesterday and today are right on the nose. It should always be called the "Affordable Care Act. I too, am at fault for calling it Obamacare....a Republican phrase that has unfortunately caught on.
And you are correct in saying "facts" don't fit Anderson's narrative about ACA.
Why bother fact checking when he can simply repeat what others tell him on his iphone....much easier and faster, and he's there to promote negativity about the Obama Administration. Anderson does that very well indeed, and so does his 360 team except for Paul Begala.