Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 From Washington, DC Thursday, 10/17/2013

Anderson anchored AC360 from the balcony of the Russell Senate Building tonight ~

8:00PM  AC360:
*Shutdown/budget crisis aftermath
*Ted Cruz and the blame game
*What's in the "clean" bill
*Edward Snowden/intelligence leaks
*Two convicted killers on the loose after being mistakenly released
*Senate Chaplin sees "silver lining" in the budget bill, Anderson's interview with Dr. Barry Black, Senate Chaplin ~

*360 News & Business Bulletin:  Isha Sesay

10:00PM  AC360 Later:
*Budget Crisis Aftermath
*Can another shutdown be avoided?
*Is the GOP brand damaged? - John King at the "magic map"
After the first 20 minutes AC360 Later was repeat segments of AC360 and AC "had left the building."

11:00PM AC360 Even Later:
A "special" half hour compilation of segments aired earlier on AC360


Dr. Sanjay Gupta was featured in Parade Magazine this past Sunday.  The article started with this mention...

"Anchorman Anderson Cooper recalls with embarrassment the first time he met his CNN colleague Dr. Sanjgay Gupta, in 2001.  "So what are you, a brain surgeon?" joked Cooper.  "Actually yes, said Gupta, a practicing neurosurgeon"

You may see the full post/read the complete article at our sister blog, ATC, by clicking here.

And a few photos from Anderson in DC tonight.  The first one was tweeted out by one of his staff members, the second by Dana Bash and the last two by fans who braved the rain to meet Anderson.

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Yesterday I wrote I was looking forward to hearing other, non-political news on 360 but today it was only the political first half of 360 that I found interesting. The second half bored me and made me turn to Hayes several times.

I came in a few minutes late, Anderson was already talking to Dana Bash. It was a bit stunning to learn that half of the GOP in the House are 2010 or 2012 elected, just a bunch of newbies. They wanted to stick to their principles but since the shutdown many have a new attitude. But how many of them will be willing to avoid another shutdown in January 2014? And how many of them will keep their jobs in November 2014?

The panel was nicely balanced: Paul Begala, Gloria Borger (if you believe she's middle-of-the-road) and Matt Kibbe. It was a struggle to ignore his silly sideburns but I did hear him say when Obamacare is implemented more people will see what a problem it is and that will be a positive for the Republicans. Now why didn't more Republican politicians and pundits have this opinion two weeks ago? Begala saw just the opposite, more people will like Obamacare in the future. Borger brought up a good point on pre-existing conditions and I wish Anderson had asked Kibbe about them.

Tomorrow on 360, I hope Anderson brings up the news that Kentucky, red-state government-hating Kentucky, has the most people enrolled in the ACA. This was reported on The Daily Beast on Thursday.

I don't like Ted Cruz but did appreciate Anderson pointing out how Cruz has flip-flopped on the shutdown, from wanting it and practically causing it to decrying it and blaming others and then stating he'd start another shutdown in 1/14. I also don't like pro-Cruz Tom Delay (they really couldn't find anyone better than Delay?) but it was great seeing him in a panel with anti-Cruz Mark McKinnon. They had a good sparring match but I think McKinnon won.

The segment on the earmarks was very good. Distressingly this is more politics as usual but Anderson and Jake Tapper had a smart discussion about it.

During the segments on Edward Snowden, Floridian murderers mistakingly set free and Rev. Barry Black I spent more time watching Hayes

Thanks for the extra photos of Anderson in today's post; the first one looks like he's missing his iPhone.

aries moon said...

Paul Begala seemed to be the only Democrat on 360--is it really necessary to fill the program with so many conservative politicians? They weren't the only ones who experienced the shutdown--AC360 always manages to find tons conservatives for the show every night but Democrats only show up now and then. And Tom Delay?? He looked like he was just dragged out of a prison cell and sounded hopelessly out of touch. Why does 360 insist on bringing on Republicans who have zero credibility? I don't agree with everything Andrew Sullivan or Mark McKinnon say but they are the sort of conservatives that the GOP needs to listen to if they want to be a viable party. Ralph Reed/Ted Cruz/Tom Delay are destroying them.

I don't trust Greenwald/Snowden--their anti-Obama agendas are too obvious--didn't listen to the GG interview.

Nice pic of AC and Dana Bash.

sandyeggo said...

Truth be told I had so much trouble with McKinnon's snide, condescending tonality and demeanor that I muted until his face went away so I have no idea what he said. He probably uses them as a tool. (He's a)