Sunday, October 06, 2013

Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes: Cosmic Roulette


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A better way to find asteroids?

"Even a dark asteroid can't hide from an infrared light," says Amy Mainzer, a NASA scientist who focuses on detecting asteroids. She shows Anderson Cooper how a heat-sensitive sensor works.

Asteroids finally earn some respect

Asteroids, once called the "vermin of the sky" for obstructing the view of stargazers, are now seen as an integral part of deep space exploration. NASA scientists Paul Chodas and Don Yoemans explain how the "street cred" of asteroids has increased in the last decade.

What he learned in space

Ed Lu is a former astronaut who spent six months on the International Space Station. He tells Anderson Cooper how his time in space impacted his view of the threat asteroids pose to Earth.

What happened to the dinosaurs?

One theory is that a huge comet or asteroid violently changed the environment. Mark Norell, head of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History, says there are other theories too.

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aries moon said...

The info about the dark asteroids was scary. I love the subject of space and the universe and this was a fine report by AC. I wish I could look through that humongous telescope.