Monday, November 18, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 11/18/13

AC360 8:00 PM 
* Rob Ford
* George Zimmerman
* Typhoon Haiyan aftermath
* Deadly Illinois tornado
* White supremacist set to die by lethal injection
* New statin guidelines

AC360 Later 10:00 PM
* Rob Ford
* Oprah's remarks racists and the POTUS
* The Cheney's family feud
* Alec Baldwin
* George Zimmerman
* The Pope
* Iran

On tonight's Spreecast Anderson reveled he reinjured his shoulder while in the Philippines.  He also talked at length about his frustration with Alec Baldwin's gay slurs and gay slurs in general. If you missed it here's the broadcast:

So that explains these pictures we came across of Anderson back in his sling while in Manila:

And we'll end tonight with AC paying homage to Wolf Blitzer:

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see Anderson back from Phillipines was good to see him doing what he is so good at in getting stories out.Lately its just on 60mins we see that. Good active discussion on AC360Later, nice to see Canadian panelist give comments on Rob Ford our Canadian disgrace. Find same sex issues frustrating just wish everyone would get along-I love &respect my gay friends. As for Alec Baldwin cantbe bothered to give him time of day.I really liked Andersons stand about Baldwins issues it was a good discussion.I felt Baldwins remarks on twitter about AC just re inforced how ignorant Alec is. I am dedicated Anderson fan have greatest respect for him & his work.I sincerely hope his contract negotiations give him the opportunities he needs & allws him to do what he is so passionate about. Would love to get one of AC360Later mugs maybe CNN shop will have them.

Jaanza said...

As expected Anderson's back in NYC. He and his crew did a fantastic job in the Philippines under incredibly difficult conditions (and a hurt shoulder to boot). I hope the ratings show a jump in the ratings because 360 deserves it.

During today's 360 I spent a lot of time at MSNBC.

The story of Mayor Rob Ford may be compelling, dramatic and captivating to some but I just don't care. Unfortunately for CNN, while Anderson was covering Ford, Hayes had good reports on the ACA/Medicaid expansion and politics centering on Louisiana and the Walmart Ohio food drive for Walmart employees to donate to Walmart employees.

Karl Penhaul (where was he last week?) had an great report from the Philippines and awesome aerial photography. IF you didn't see it, it was from about 40 feet up rather than from an airplane, the proverbial bird's eye view. Gary Tuchman also did a good job reporting the tornadoes in the Midwest, particularly the one in Washington IL.

This was when CNN showed a commercial for tomorrow's "documentary"? or shall I say "profile"? of Ted Turner. Judging by the commercial it looks very brown nosing.

I didn't see much of the Larry Flynt shooter story. Hayes had a much more interesting report on the Cheney sisters and gay marriage, which I see 360 discussed in Later.

Summing up, I'm glad Anderson is back and hope his shoulder feels better soon. But Hayes had the better show on Monday.

aries moon said...

I think race plays a huge role in how President Obama has been treated by the media and other politicians--people tend to tune out when race is brought into a discussion because some are tired of hearing people 'whine' about it, but generally they're whining for good reason. Oprah was right about the level of disrespect this president has gotten since he's been in office--AC360 Later's panel seemed to be trying to downplay it and I didn't care for that. The discussion wasn't as long or as in depth as I would've like to have seen. I still wish they could've done the show about Stop and Frisk/Shop and Frisk that go preempted by breaking news.

AC was pretty fired up about Alec Baldwin's homophobia--there's no excuse for his behavior and being a supposed friend to the LGBT community shouldn't excuse him. Andrew Sullivan made a good point in saying that Baldwin's support isn't wanted or needed by the LGBT community.

George Zimmerman should be in jail. So should Liz and Dick Cheney. All are vile excuses for human beings.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is a hypocrite.
He is aware of only one kind of discrimination when it comes to the gay population but when it comes to racial intolerance in Congress against the Obama Administration, for some reason Anderson Cooper is blind.
This is just one reason his ratings are so low.