Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Tuesday, 11/05/2013

AC360 8:00 PM:

* Election Night Coverage
* Toronto Mayor
* More with Dr. Phil on his interview with Michelle Knight

AC360 LATER 10:00PM:

* Election coverage


TVNewser was first today with news that Anderson and Kathy Griffin will again be covering New Year's Eve for CNN from Times Square in NYC. 

AC361: White Castle burger eating contest 
Everybody gets hungry. Sometimes the AC360 crew gets very hungry. They also proved to be persuasive enough to convince Anderson to sponsor the first annual AC360 White Castle burger eating contest. Check out the behind the scenes video.

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Jaanza said...

Most of the 8 pm hour wasn't the usual 360. There was a lot of Anderson, Wolf Blitzer and John King covering the New Jersey and Virginia governor elections with analysis and numbers. King had a magicwall map for Virginia but I don't remember seeing one for New Jersey.

I liked the panel consisting only of Gloria Borger and Candy Crowley. You really don't need more people than that. Borger and Crowley had enough time to get their points across and it simply worked better than the football-team size panels CNN has during even-year election nights. I was glad there was no Gergen or Fleischer there and then wondered if they skipped out because this wasn't a big election deal.

The segment on Toronto Mayor Ford was pretty good. International correspondent Paula Newton gave an overview and then talked with Anderson. International correspondent! We need to see more of those. Dr. Drew is light-years better than Dr. Phil and I enjoyed the discussion he had with Anderson. it's not often that Anderson asks about "drunken stupors".

It was tedious to see Blitzer and King crunch numbers at the magic map so I did check out Hayes occasionally. Maybe I missed the parts where CNN covered the NYC mayor race and the gay marriage news out of Illinois.

The few minutes of Dr. Phil and Michelle Knight seemed very out-of-place. It felt like filler, it felt like Anderson wanted a piece of it in Tuesday's 360 to remind viewers about this story. Knight's experience was incredibly horrible but the placement of her story in this overwhelmingly political program just felt odd.

Kathy Griffin teaming up with Anderson again for New Year's Eve? Sorry, no. I can't watch that. I'd rather watch a White Castle burger eating contest.

Wonz said...

I didn't watch AC360 and I'm sure I didn't miss anything. I watched AC360 Later and that was a mistake. Apparently they are no longer trying to have balance as the panel consisted of a Alex C, Sullivan who is a self proclaimed conservative and couldn't hide his glee with Christie's re-election, Newt and three CNN anchors/analysts. Not a Dem in sight.

I think even more annoying than the Christie love-fest was the fact that of the three governor races CNN covered, Dems won the other two states which previously had Repub governors. So Christie who became the darling of NJ after Hurricane Sandy, is backed by big money and didn't poll well against Hillary in the exit polls was CNN's story of the night?

Apparently Sullivan and the rest of CNN didn't watch the numbers John King was putting up or else chose to ignore them because they didn't fit their narrative.

CNN's ratings are at all time lows, including Anderson's programs. Last night's numbers were again pitiful and there was real breaking news of the shooter inside a NJ mall during the one hour. After watching the programs, I say the ratings are about right for the programming they are airing. Too bad that what was once THE network to turn to for breaking news and those that didn't want to hear biased reporting from either side has now turned into Fox Lite - while claiming they are "fair and balanced".

aries moon said...

Since when are elections only the concern of conservatives? CNN would have us believe that a liberal viewpoint is not needed when discussing elections--if Crowley, Borger & AC were supposed to be playing the liberal part, they didn't do a good job of it considering how much they talked about Christie rather than key Democratic race results--and of COURSE they had to get in some ACA bashing. Cucchinelli tried to run on an anti-ACA platform and LOST. Sadly, CNN and the other news networks are going to fawn over Christie for a long time and downplay his abrasive, bullying, far right history. The Dems in NJ who voted for him ought to be ashamed. He is not a friend to liberals, check his record and stop being fooled by him.