Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Wednesday, 11/20/2013

8:00PM   AC360:
*JFK's Assassination and his legacy
*Republican Congressman arrested for cocaine possession,  confessed yesterday when arrest was made after being caught in a sting operation a few months ago
*American tourist detained in North Korea
*Family murder mystery in California
*George Zimmerman's state of mind
*360 News & Business Bulletin:  Susan Hendricks

10:00PM  AC360 Later:
*JFK's legacy
*"W" as an ex-president
*"selfies" and sex
*News conference of cocaine congressman aired Live
*Discussion of cocaine congressman taking a "leave of absence" vs resigning
*Talk sex with Dr. Ruth

Anderson posted this photo to his Instagram page ~

As promised, Anderson's appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night ~

 Part 1:
Part 2:

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News broke today that Anderson has singed a new contract with CNN that keeps him at the network through the 2016 election.  The Hollywood Reporter broke the news.  Click on the links below for a sample of the articles from today ~

Hollywood Reporter:
Anderson Cooper Renews CNN Contract (Exclusive)


Anderson Cooper Renews Contract With CNN

The New York Daily News:
Anderson Cooper renews CNN contract through 2016: report

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Altho Canadian Andrrson has some interesting info about Kennedys. He still looks a littld tired &at times disinterested but he does have a full schedule. AC360Later was good especially with Dr.Ruth would like to see her back again & have Anderson the Gay marriage situaton and marriages with age differences -May-December - Cougars. AC is the only one wbo would tackle it with common sense &a little humour.In AC360Later good to see him relaxed &smiling. Hope with his new contract he will have opportunity to give us some of the real stories etc he has more talent than just reading telepromp

aries moon said...

Seems like the coke snorting conservative got off easier than others who were in similar circumstances.

Only on CNN/AC360 will someone feel the need to ask the ridiculous question of whether JFK was really a liberal or a conservative. What was the purpose of this segment--they couldn't just leave him be as a liberal--they had to come up with some kind of phony 'balance' angle to discuss his legacy?

It was good to see Carl Bernstein back on Later, especially during the W discussion. Bernstein, Sullivan and Toobin really let loose on the destructive Bush years and the lasting damage his presidency has caused, but of course Gergen jumped right in to defend good old Georgie. Casually dressed or not, I wasn't happy to see Gergen on the panel and when he said that President Obama couldn't overcome his current troubles because he wasn't as 'likable' as Reagan or Clinton, I wanted to smash my TV. I'm sick of Gergen and his never-ending negativity with President Obama. I realize the time on the show is limited, but AC has this tendency to stop a conversation right when it's starting to heat up and get interesting--this was the case with the W segment--maybe it was because W was being thoroughly eviscerated by Bernstein and the panel and that might offend any conservatives watching--anyhow it breaks the flow of a good discussion and it's annoying. Another annoying thing are those press conferences which are rarely interesting but take time away from the show you want to watch.

I was happy to see Michaela Angela Davis on the panel even though she didn't have as many opportunities to speak.

Dr. Ruth doesn't seem to have changed much since her old Letterman days. I hope she can come back.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed AC360 Later. It was so nice not to have Ana Navarro or Charles Blow on. That show could work if they would have different people on like last night.