Thursday, November 07, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Special Report

8:00PM AC360:
*President Obama says "I am sorry" (re: Statements made on the ACA)
*Toronto Mayor - new video
*Kendrick Johnson's death investigation
*FDA's fight against trans-fat
*Monster typhoon strikes Philippines
*Drug tunnel tour exclusive (with Miquel Marquez)
*360 News & Business Bulletin:  Randi Kaye

CNN aired another original movie titled "Pandora's Promise" so there wasn't an AC360 Later tonight.

A 1/2 hour taped special of Anderson and a panel discussing the movie just shown and nuclear energy.


From bfa_nyc on Instagram today ~
Anderson Cooper and Giancarlo Giammetti at the private Vanity Fair luncheon yesterday

CNN announced the Celebrity Lineup for this year's CNN Heroes:  An All-Star Tribute in a press release today ~

CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute airs Sunday, Dec. 1 at 8pm EST 

Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan, Allison Williams, Jason Biggs, Jeffrey Wright, Jim Gaffigan, Josh Lucas, Ne-Yo, with Musical Performances By Daughtry and Sara Bareilles 

Anderson Cooper Hosts From The American Museum Of Natural History In New York 

LIVE with Kelly and Michael hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, star of HBO’s Girls Allison Williams, star of Orange Is The New Black Jason Biggs, and Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor Jeffrey Wright join CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute, hosted by Anderson Cooper airing Sunday December 1 at 8pm, ET. 

This year’s celebrity presenters also include comedian Jim Gaffigan, actor Josh Lucas, and three-time Grammy Award-winning musician Ne-Yo. Grammy-nominated Daughtry and Grammy-nominated Sara Bareilles will be the musical guests. Sure to be two powerful performances, Daughtry will perform a medley of his hit “Home” and of his brand-new single “Waiting for Superman” in honor of American troops returning home. Sara Bareilles will perform her inspiring hit single “Brave.” Adding some laughs to the evening, comedian Jim Gaffigan will perform a short stand-up set.

Each celebrity presenter will join a 2013 CNN Top 10 Hero on stage, sharing their inspirational story. During the celebration, which takes place at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, the 2013 CNN Hero of the Year will be announced. 

Now in its seventh year, the Peabody Award-winning CNN Heroes tribute show has received more than 50,000 nominations from more than 100 countries and profiled over 200 everyday heroes doing extraordinary work. Voters can log on to to cast votes for any of their favorite Top 10 Heroes to be named Hero of the Year, with voting occurring once a day, every day until November 17 at 11:59pm, PT. 

Stories and photo galleries of the Top 10 Heroes can be found at

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Jaanza said...

Just like yesterday, I switched over to Hayes several times during 360.

President Obama's apology about the " can keep your doctor..." promise was deservedly the first story. It's sad to expect 360 to combat Obama no matter what he says or does but at least the panel - Crowley, King, Borger - didn't have the expected dyed-in-the-wool conservative. However, somewhere near the start of the segment Anderson said a "significant number" of Americans can not keep their current doctor. Significant number? How many is that? What percentage of the total who will have ACA?

Someone, I'm pretty sure it was Hayes, had a number cruncher on the show crunching numbers of the ACA. The guy theorized that 5$ of Americans will have to change their insurance due to ACA regulations. While that is many millions, it is still a small number compared to helping all of those who need the ACA or won't be affected at all by it. Anderson needs this guy or another number cruncher on 360 to explain this all.

The new vidoe of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wasn't all that surprising and neither was the interview clip of his sister and mother. Mom Ford, "He made a mistake." Yep, just a little oopsie. Robyn Doolittle was back to discuss and analyze with Anderson. It seemed to cover the same ground as yesterday so I went to MSNBC. I stayed there for most of Hayes' segment on the trans fat ban but did check back and saw that Dr. Drew was on 360 (just like the previous day).

While Anderson had more on the Kendrick Johnson death, Hayes covered attempts to get the Florida state legislature to repeal the 'Stand Your Ground' law.
And when Anderson dealt with the trans fat ban, I stayed with Hayes (report on how much Rand Paul and Chris Christie don't like each other).

I didn't see the Bulletin but did see Chad Myers on Typhoon Haiyan. Anderson went to the December tsunami in India/Thailand. Will he go to the Philippines?

There was quite a lot of deja vu in Miguel Marquez's report on the new U.S./Mexico drug tunnel. It felt a lot like Anderson's drug tunnel report from a few years ago.

No '360 Later'. Is anyone really bummed out by that?

Anonymous said...

So for days now, the panels on AC360 and AC360 Later have said that President Obama needs to say he's sorry for the statements he made about people being able to keep their health insurance turned out to not be true. Today he makes that apology on NBC and AC360 puts together a panel to say that the apology wasn't enough. Like the Republicans, President Obama will never be able to do anything to please the 360 panels. They have gone all in with the Republicans and the Tea Party and no matter what he does they will find fault.

Instead of regurgitating Republican talking points, perhaps they should do an investigation about why the 5% of the population that has seen their insurance policies disappear have had that experience. If you dig to the root of the problem, it's the insurance companies trying to rip people off. There was a way for them to grandfather the policies they offer for a period of time, but they chose not to do that, to undermine the ACA. Of course that's not a story you'll see on CNN and AC360.

IL has been running an insurance exchange for people unable to get insurance for a few years now. While they are no longer going to fund the program, there's plenty of reserve for the program to continue another year or two to give people in the program time to transition to the ACA. They aren't leaving people high and dry the way some insurance companies are. The insurance lobby was against the ACA so why would they do anything to make it work?

Nor will you hear about the cuts to the SNAP program the Repubs made that will leave children hungry or Boehner's obstructionism in preventing #ENDA from coming up for a vote in the House. Can't believe that the passage of Gay marriage in IL didn't warrant a mention in the bulletin. I guess if it doesn't happen in NY, it's not news? Instead we get days of in-depth reports on the Gov. of Toronto and the death of Kendrick Johnson which effect almost no viewers.

Guess a giggle fit is bigger news in the AC360 newsroom that what's happening outside TWC. The coverage of the new NYC mayor has even been pathetic. Guess that's because he's a Dem?

If Anderson was smart he's run out of TWC as soon as his contract was up at CNN and try to forget the last couple years of his career ever happened.

I miss the Anderson Cooper that we see in the retro clips, the intrepid reporter traveling to the far corners of the world to give a voice to those whose stories we need to hear. Then again, he wouldn't fit in at today's CNN.


aries moon said...

The nasty, snide and disrespectful tone AC and his panel took when talking about President Obama and ACA was a total turn off. If the ratings for 360/Later and other CNN programs are rock bottom, it's exactly what they deserve for their biased, shoddy reporting and obvious contempt for this President. The GOP has done SO MUCH MORE to garner the type of negative reporting that AC and colleagues regularly heap on President Obama and Democrats but they're continually given a pass and their misdeeds are overlooked, downplayed or ignored. Viewers aren't stupid, they're rightfully tuning out. What will it take for AC360 and CNN as a whole to finally get the message that they've lost their way AND once-loyal viewers?

Anonymous said...

I read Anderson's comments on Twitter before I decide if I tune in and lately it's been a negative for me. The new game plan at CNN seems to be bash the president daily and pretend that the Right is perfect, sorry that doesn't fly with me. Did anyone here that AC/Drew Griffin and CNN were quoted on the Rush Limbaugh show?

@Jaanza I am watching Chris Hayes when I have the time and find myself learning more from his guests than I ever did on CNN.