Friday, November 08, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 11/08/2013

8:00PM AC360:
*Typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines
*JFK conspiracy theories
*The ACA
*Iran's nuclear enrichment program negotiations
*Typhoons throughout history
*People trying to reach loved ones in the Philippines
*360 News & Business Bulletin:  Susan Hendricks

NOTE:  If you are wondering why AC360 was NOT LIVE tonight, there were a few Twitter sightings of Anderson at Kathy Griffin's 8:00PM show at Carnegie Hall in NYC.


Anderson will have a report on 60 Minutes Sunday.  It replaced a report by Lara Logan that was supposed to air.  The topic of Anderson's report, The GoPro camera.  We will have a preview on Sunday morning and cover the report in full Sunday evening.

There's been some talk of the low ratings for AC360 and AC360 Later, so we pulled the last three weeks demo numbers for the two programs from TVNewser.  Here's what we found.  **

                                    AC360                                            AC360 Later
Friday, 10/18             162  (2nd)                                        no program on Fridays

Monday, 10/21          177  (3rd)                                        98  (3rd)
Tuesday, 10/22          108  (3rd)  Wolf subbed                   no program when there is a sub
Wednesday, 10/23       73  (3rd)  Wolf subbed                   no program when there is a sub
Thursday, 10/24         111  (3rd)                                        no program - Blackfish Movie
Friday, 10/25             143  (3rd)   half-hour program

Monday, 10/28          no ratings reported
Tuesday, 10/29          108 (3rd)                                        94  (3rd)
Wednesday, 10/30      66  (4th )                                       52  (4th)
Thursday, 10/31          81  (3rd)                                        71  (3rd)
Friday, 11/1               172 (2nd)                                       147 (2nd)    LAX shooting

Monday, 11/4            125  (3rd)                                       149  (2nd)   NJ Mall Shooter
Tuesday, 11/5            212  (2nd)                                       221  (2nd)  Election night -CNN was 3rd overall
Wednesday, 11/6       126  (3rd)                                          46 (3rd)
Thursday, 11/7           188  (3rd)                                        no program - Pandora's Promise Movie

**  Numbers are for the demo and expressed in the thousands.  The low ratings seem to be across the board at CNN, not just AC360.  If you are interested in a more complete look please click here.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

There was a time when Anderson would have been making his way to the Philippines to report on the record breaking Typhoon and CNN would have had a sub anchor with the latest updates; instead with today's CNN viewers get a taped AC360 so Anderson could make his way to Carnegie Hall to see his friend's show and CNN ends their live newscasts for the day at 8:00PMET.

CNN and AC360 deserve the ratings shown in the extras.

Anonymous said...

@10;38PM: No excuses. You are exactly right. There was a time when Anderson would have reported on the typhoon and viewers would have marveled at his on the scene reporting.
Now he's busy networking with whomever, mostly celebs, and HE deserves his low ratings along with the rest of CNN.
What he doesn't deserve is his ultra high salary to with it.

Jaanza said...

Friday's 360 was a fantastic show for anyone really really interested in Typhoon Haiyan and wanted to know lots and lots about it.

That wasn't me.

Granted, the first segment was good stuff. Anderson gave an overview on what was happening in the Philippines, talked to Paula Newton (?) in Manila and then to Chad Myers. Terrific old-fashioned dramatic terrible weather reporting. But it was a shorter than usual first segment, allowing me to check on what Hayes was doing in his first segment. He was covering the CBS retraction of the '60 Minutes' report on Benghazi. The report that made Obama look bad and made the entire GOP blast him and made Anderson air several segments (based on the '60 Minutes' report) dissing the Prez and demanding the truth.

The big news about the retraction? That the 'source' lied through his teeth? Nowhere to be found on 360.

And I waited for it. The second segment was still about Haiyan, this time Anderson talked to Kathy Novak, Maryann Zamora and Chad Myers some more. To compare, Hayes reported on Pasadena CA, voter suppresion and the Hispanic vote.

Anderson's next story was about the Kennedy assassination; he talked to Douglas Brinkleu and Phillip Shenon. On the surface this was a good discussion but below it felt like a lengthy promo for CNN's upcoming special about the assassination.

This was followed by Anderson and Jim Acosta re-hashing the problems with the ACA website, Obama's apology and GOP complaints. In the same segment was Jim Sciutto covering Sect. of State John Kerry, the U.N., Israel, Iran and Iran's nuclear program. Sciutto should have been given more time, this was new news and international.

Later, more on Haiyan and a look back at hurricanes in the U.S. and Anderson talking to another person about conditions in the Philippines. I spent more time at MSNBC, Hayes had a terrific panel discussing NFL bullying.

Lastly, a Bulletin... which never said anything about the CBS retraction and apology.

Like I said, a good show for typhoon fans. Personally, I give it a D. Just a little while ago read an article stating FOX never breathed a word about the CBS Benghani retraction either.

If Anderson went to the Philippines or VietNam, that would help. The thing is, a few days ago he did an on-air correction when he stated the wrong facts about Mayor Ford's brother. I'm hoping for something, even just a little something, on Monday that acknowledges he also got it wrong covering Benghazi last month.

Anonymous said...

When has Anderson ever been live on Fridays anymore? Why does he get to only work 4 days a week for CNN?

I totally agree with @10:38. You are SO right, taking the words out of our mouths. It really is all a shame. I now find AC360º to be boring. It should how it used to be. I think AC360Later should be cancelled but incorporated into Anderson Cooper 360º. He should have just one perfect show. I miss the days though where he was LIVE every weeknight from 10PM to midnight.

Anonymous said...

Poor Lara Logan. She got stuck with Benghazi and Anderson gets the "Pro Go Camera?"
Now that's fair and balanced.
Can cameras talk back or does anyone have any real reservation about them. Oh what a safe subject, like the crocs and the celebs...
I say if Cooper gets a raise, he must perform. I don't want to see him sitting around gabfesting with Kathy Obscene Griffin, and reading the teleprompter...and Lara gets the heat.
It reminds me too much of Kathleen Sebelius taking the heat because "the POTUS" who didn't want to stick his neck out and say "I messed up," or something to that effect.
Yes, President Obama messed up and Anderson should 'man up' and do the hard reporting like he used to or quit the news biz. Period.

sandyeggo said...

Maybe he gets time off in lieu of a pay raise. Maybe his bf doesn't want him to go to dangerous places. Maybe the new exec is looking for an excuse not to renegotiate. Who knows. I read and half watch now And I am a big fan.

Anonymous said...

Anderson is entitled to his vacation time and how he chooses to use it is up to him. What I don't understand is the taping early instead of CNN getting a sub for him when he wants the night off. He's taken very little vacation time this year. It seems to be that Zucker wants him to tape instead of getting a sub if it's at all possible.

While I'm disappointed that Anderson isn't going to the Philippines, I checked a few other CNNers on Twitter and no one seems to be going. I guess Zucker is truly moving CNN away from a news network to a scripted drama and movie/documentary destination. CNN wasn't even reporting news when I checked in for a typhoon update this afternoon.

I no longer recognize CNN and as a fan of Anderson's interview skills/reporting from the field, I hope he doesn't sign a new contract with CNN, but finds a better outlet for his talents.


aries moon said...

anon 10:12, you must not be paying close attention to 360 because all AC does these days is bash President Obama and ACA. Seems to me someone trying to do something positive like insuring millions of people isn't something that should cause such over the top negativity and bias by reporters like AC. Never does he seek to find positive stories about ACA and they ARE out there. Why weren't AC, Chuck Todd and other reporters up in arms when the Bush Administration screwed up Medicare Part D? Why wasn't Bush asked to apologize for the thousands killed in his phony war? Reporters/pundits have problems with THIS particular president and all he attempts to do for reasons quite obvious to some of us.

AC360 Later started off promising but it's now becoming another 360 Republican showcase clone where they want to keep liberal voices and opinion down to a minimum. AC leaving CNN would be a good thing, IMO.