Thursday, November 14, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 From Manila, Philippines 11/14/2013

Anderson was in Manila for tonight's broadcast.  He started 360 by bringing us the latest on the reported death tolls and then talked to Nick Paton Walsh who was still in Tacloban ~

Anderson and his team met up with a few people we met earlier in the week before leaving Tocloban.  Here's his report ~

Next Anderson spoke of a spat playing out in the Philippine media and then addressed the strength of the Philippine people.  We'll have more on that spat later, but here's his very touching remarks about what he witnessed and the strength of the Philippine people ~

Wolf Blitzer was in DC covering the news from the U.S.  CNN's two big stories of the day, President Obama's speech about the Affordable Care Act and Toronto's crack smoking mayor.  (Head desk on the Toronto mayor story.  Does anyone outside of Toronto and the tabloids really care about this story?)

Next Anderson concentrated on the children; Anna Corrine told the survival story of a pregnant woman and her niece and nephew from Cebu then Anderson spoke with Kent Page from UNICEF about their efforts to help ~

In the last segment of AC360, Anderson spoke to other CNN correspondents in the field ~

And closed by thanking viewers and talking about the strength of the people of the Philippines ~

This photo pretty much says it all....


From social media today.  The first two were taken when Anderson was still in Tocloban; the third his producer tweeted out just before air time.

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Anonymous said...

As someone FROM Toronto, I would like to never hear about our gong show mayor ever again. What a mess. It's taking away from stories that matter.

- Joyce

Jaanza said...

Anderson and all the reporters in the Philippines did a great job on Thursday. A few things stood out: Anderson responding to criticism of his program and the reporters (as always the best defense is the truth), the report centering on Jasmine Durmer, and Anderson's interview with Kent Page of Unicef which had in the screen subtitles information on how to donate to Unicef.

The thing that struck me about Blitzer's ACA segment was the interview with a democrat (Sen. Joe Manchin D-WV) and the sneaky feeling the only reason a democrat got on 360 was because he was disappointed with Obama and the ACA. In the past month and a half, Hayes has reported the good and the bad on ACA. But it seems like 360 can't find any good in it or anyone with a positive story about it.

I saw the start of the Mayor Rob Ford segment. The so-called 'BREAKING NEWS' was the story of the mayor's brother advising him to take time off. How earth-shattering. I did not watch the rest of it.

However, I am liking the reporter round-up at the end of the show in which Anderson, Nick Paton Walsh, Ivan Watson and Andrew Stevens give an overview or talk about something that stood out to them.

I'm betting Anderson will still in the Philippines on Friday - partly because it's still a big story and partly because of the difficulty in getting back to NYC in time.

aries moon said...

Anderson's reporting from the Philippines has been first-rate, solid and compassionate and his comments on the strength of the Filipino people were very moving and heartfelt. It is incredible how people manage to cope and keep going in the face of horrible tragedy and loss.

Thanks for this fine post with its excellent pics and clips.

Anonymous said...

There is something so special about Anderson Cooper and we saw it last night with the touching words about the strength of the Filipino people.

Anonymous said...

As always Anderson and the CNN team are doing an amazing thankless job of being the eyes and testimonial source for the survivors of the storm. That woman who broadcast or how ever she did it that Anderson didn't know what he was talking about, owes Anderson, the CNN team on the ground and most assuredly and especially her own people a huge public apology for not only downplaying the tragedy but completely disrespecting the deceased as well as survivors living within her broadcast area and beyond of the storm. She ought to be fired. ATA as always doing a great job of AC's coverage as well! Kudos ATA team and thank you for all the info and video clips/photos.

Anonymous said...

His reporte are accurate and very real and have a heart goes for filipino people he doesnt take the job as only news reporter but theres something in it that he can able to report with realistic scenario of whas really happening to filipino people after the big ups to anderson cooper! MAbuhay kaxx

Unknown said...

I am not a huge fan of Anderson, but after what he feels and thinks of the Filipino people, he gained my respect and admiration.He was the voice of many Filipinos of their feelings and sentiments.Endless thanks Anderson! You are one of the heroes at this crucial times.