Monday, November 25, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 11/25/13

Wolf Blitzer was in the AC360 anchor chair tonight.  Does anyone besides us wonder why, with all the talent at CNN, we get Wolf Blitzer as the designated sub for AC night after night.  Come on CNN, it's not like he's killing it in ratings so why not give someone else a chance?  Anyone want to offer some suggestions?  You never know who's reading ATA comments.

Anderson tweeted on Saturday that he was in Tangiers, Morocco for a few days. 

After that tweet he Instagramed a few pictures of local color:

We're guessing he will return to anchor 360 on Monday, December 2nd but we've been wrong many, many times before so keep checking in and we'll keep you posted if there are sightings or news.  

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Wolf needs the money for retirement.
And why does Anderson need suggestion abouts Tangiers?
It isn't as though we all know
the in and outs and secret hide-aways of the late Princess, Grace Kelly.
Oh, right. We all go there when we want just to get away for a few days.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Sanjay Gupta or Gary Tuchman as the sub. They always seem to add a bit of their own flavour when anchoring AC360.

Anonymous said...

My top choice would be Michaela Pereira. I'd also enjoy John King, Miguel Martinez, Martin Savidge, Gary Tuchman, Dr. Gupta or just about anyone BUT Wolf. He's gotten so overexposed lately and his poor listening skills are becoming very annoying.

Anonymous said...

I agree onsub for Anderson. Would like to see John King/Sanjay Gupta and also somd advance notice of a stand-in.I juggle programs here in Canada and if AC is not on I can adjust what I watch. Wish CNN had better choice for N Y Eve show

Anonymous said...

Is Anderson in Morocco for a vacation or work? I wondered why he was asking for suggestions too when I'm sure he's been there before.

Jaanza said...

@Anon 10:58 - Are you trying to be funny or do you really not know that the late Grace Kelly was Princess of Monaco? Not Morocco which is a different country on a different continent. Perhaps you're harking back to the old 'Newhart' episode which mixed up Monaco and Morocco. In either case, I hope Anderson has a fun and relaxing vacation.

As substitute anchor I think Wolf is okay but can see how others would find him annoying. Sanjay Gupta did a good job the few times he's hosted already. Gary Tuchman would be alright. But I definitely do not want to see Randi Kaye or Drew Griffin in the anchor seat. It would be amazing to see Isha take over the whole hour.

Monday night was split between Wolf and Hayes. I watched Hayes cover the Iran nuclear deal instead of Wolf's Sandy Hook report.

The second segment started out with President Obama being heckled at an immigration reform rally. Wolf and Jim Acosta spent way too much time talking about the heckling instead of what Obama was saying about immigration, where it stands now and how he wants to change it.

Wolf moved on to the Iran nuclear deal with a panel of Anne Marie Slaughter and Michael Doran. The first thing Slaughter said was' the deal was bad because we couldn't verify compliance'.
My DH, usually busy and quiet with his computer during 360, shout at Slaughter, "You don't sign treaties you can't verify!" And on he ranted about nuclear treaties, Reagan and satellite technology. So I didn't catch the rest of the panel discussion

My favorite segment was the 'new charges in Steubenville rape case story. After an overview report, Wolf talked to Jean Cesarez, a fiesty woman who obviously thought the new charges were justified and the whole case was despicable on many levels.

I didn't see most of the rest of 360. Has had a good report on right-wing lobbying and a great report on the success of ACA in Kentucky. Which made me wonder if and when we'd see a report like that from Anderson.

Is Wolf subbing all week?

Anonymous said...

Wolf is not a threat to Anderson because he has his own show. I think Anderson is afraid someone will do a great job and take his place.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:58 you're thinking of Monaco, AC went to Morocco, but I do agree why would he ask for suggestions from the 99%. Guess he just wanted to make himself the envy of the masses(doesn't impress me)

Gary Tuchman or Tom Foreman would be my choices for sub.

aries moon said...

Jaanza mentions something that really frustrated me--Wolf and Acosta seemed to be more interested in the fact that President Obama was heckled by carefully selected audience members and that was their takeaway. They didn't bother to show his full (and on-target) response to the heckler--instead they show a clip that made it look like the President was flailing and caught off guard--this is something I really dislike about AC360/CNN's coverage of President Obama--it is clearly not meant to inform or give real facts, but to make sure that the President look as though he is incapable of handling his job. This is why I wish Anderson had left CNN altogether--I like him, but not when he's covering the President or politics on CNN.

Anonymous said...

What about John Berman? I'm just watching him anchor for Tapper now and I like him a lot. Wouldn't mind Tuchman either, he's done it before and was good. Foreman is also good but I have a feeling he's on his way out at CNN just like Zarrella.

Anonymous said...

I notice that every time Jake Tapper is absent, has has John Berman fill in for him. That's what he probably wants. Maybe Anderson feels more comfortable with Wolf taking over his show. I don't see why Isha Sesay can't take over. She's the news reader anyway and is an excellent anchor.

I think Wolf will be on again tonight, but not Wednesday night considering Hanukkah begins at sundown. As for Thursday and Friday, surely there will be taped specials.

Anonymous said...

I'm with ATA. Wolf is way over used on CNN. I would suggest Miguel Marquez or John Berman. Unfortunately, I don't think the problem with AC360 is Anderson or whoever subs for him. It's the right leaning slant of CNN these days, a mostly young and immature staff, and the lack of reports from their international correspondents.

CNN was in it's prime when anchors and CNN correspondents reported only the facts and there was a knowledgeable pundit from each side of the aisle on a political story, when international news wasn't a half hearted attempt mid-day that is often preempted and Anderson and others were in the field even when there wasn't a big natural disaster. Those days are long gone at CNN and Zucker is only making more tabloid. Ratings tell the story. I'm very disappointed Anderson didn't leave when his contract was up.

While I continue to watch AC360 and Later when Anderson is in the anchor chair, it's now from the DVR and much of the hour is spent with my time on the FF button. When I see on Twitter that Wolf is filling in, I don't even bother to watch my recording, I just delete it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like CNN listened. I see John Berman is filling in tonight for Anderson. I wondered why he hadn't been on Early start this week and I see he has been filling in for Jake Tapper. Look forward to seeing John. I like him.

Wolfe just doesn't cut it for me anymore.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

"This is why I wish Anderson left CNN altogether-I like him, but not when he is covering the President or politics."
How can you justify "liking" someone who constantly demeans the first Afro-American President this country ever had?
Just because you as a viewer find him attractive, does not make him a well rounded individual who is informative enough to make judgements about the POTUS, or anyone else connected to the Democratic party and their policies.
You are conflicted about your feelings about Cooper, unless of course you watch him give a report on say....the weather.
When it comes to political analysis Anderson Cooper is not to be trusted and he has proven this time and again.