Thursday, November 21, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 11/21/2013

8:00PM AC360:
*Senate votes to okay "nuclear option" ending the abuse of filibuster
*New evidence on death of Kendrick Johnson
*FCC considers lifting ban on cell phone calls on planes  (Richard Quest was in the studio to discuss with Anderson and also commented on the last story in the Bulletin!) ~

*George Zimmerman's estranged wife speaks out, Zimmerman's former lawyer chimes in
*What happened to the pink suit Jackie Kennedy wore on the day JFK was assassinated
*360 News & Business Bulletin:  Gary Tuchman
*The RidicuList:  No Chefs Allowed ~

NO AC360 Later, the Kennedy Assassination movie which premiered last Thursday was re-aired.


Anderson tweeted today that he'll have a report on 60 Minutes Sunday night.  We'll have it covered for you ~

Earvin 'Magic' Johnson and Anderson Cooper pose for a photo at 'Life. As We Know It' Discussions For The African-American Community at The Apollo Theater on November 19, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

Anderson interviewed Magic and the interview aired on AC360 Tuesday night ~

CNN Heroes tweeted out this photo of Kelly Ripa taking a "selfie" with Anderson at the Heroes taping Tuesday night and apparently it made the news?!  If you watched AC360 Later last night the panel talked about the word "selfie" being declared 2013 word of the year by Oxford dictionaries.  Dr. Ruth had some advice, "Only take selfies from the neck up!"

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Anderson had some good comments tonite especially interview about cell phones on airplanes -with Andersons luck he would be sharing a seat with someone in bare feet &deep into a cell phone conversation!! Good to see him enjoy a good relaxing laugh.Too bsd AC360Later had to be bumped

aries moon said...

So glad Senator Harry Reid and Senate Democrats finally took the nuclear option. Dana Bash's reporting can't measure up to Rachel Maddow's--she went all in on how the Republicans actions against POTUS were unprecedented and outrageous. Bash is always too mild on conservatives and never gives the full story.

George Zimmerman is a sick murderer who got away with it--if 360 thinks bringing in his slimy former lawyer whenever he goes off again is going to convince some of us otherwise, they're dead wrong.

Jaanza said...

I haven't been able to watch 360 since Monday night because DH discovered BBC's 'Doctor Who' marathon. It's some kind of big deal and he's even forsaken Stewart and Colbert for the Doctor.

So thanks ATA for the two video clips. Awesome to see Richard Quest again, he's even better live in the studio.

I went to the AC360 website to watch the bit on Harry Reid's 'nuclear option' on filibustering nominations. The segment title on the site is "Filibusted. Did Democrats nuke business as usual on Capitol Hill?". Kind of slants things, don't you think? While Anderson was clearly on the side of this being a bad thing, Dana Bash and Jeffrey Toobin did have good comments to put it all in perspective. While Anderson/360 producers were certain to slam Obama, Biden and Reid for hypocrisy by showing their earlier remarks on the "nuclear option", it wasn't stressed enough how different things are now. Also, Anderson could have highlighted the stupidity of the GOP after Bash stated some Republicans have had their "feathers ruffled" over this and will likely block other legislation or treaties in retaliation.

However, I didn't see Rachel Maddow's take on this and now wish that I did. When I get time later I'll check out the TRMS site.

Anonymous said...

Why does Anderson always have to hilight Ripa, I know there had to be other people at the Heroes thing, but he only mentioned her. Anderson , there is more to life than Ripa.

Anonymous said...

"Why does Anderson have to always highlite Ripa?"
For good reason. He'd give anything to be the permanent host along side her on Live,....if only his talk show hadn't failed.
After all, she was "grooming" him for it and he just didn't make the cut.
So sad.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Anderson get the Regis position when he left? Was it because Anderson already had his own talk show in the works at the time? Do you guys think Anderson would have really wanted it? I guess Michael is staying for good now.

Anonymous said...

@2:03AM: According to Anderson, ABC never approached him, so he was never seen as a candidate.
Michael is bringing in high ratings. He is there for good.