Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday, 11/19/2013

It was an extra busy day for Mr. Cooper, as you'll see in extras, so Wolf Blitzer (it has been suggested we call him our new 'he who must not be named') was in the 360 anchor chair at 8 PM and there was a rerun of the Ted Turner documentary in the 10 PM hour.  But have no fear we still have your AC fix for the day in extras. 

Lots & lots of extras tonight so get comfortable and here we go:

Anderson and CNN pretaped the Heroes special that will air on December 1st tonight in NYC.  Here are a few pictures from rehearsal today:

Walking the red carpet:

Greeting the Heroes and guests:

David Letterman added Anderson as a last minute guest on Tuesday to fill in for an ill Jennifer Lawrence.  We've got the appearance if you missed it and will include it in our extras on Wednesday night's post.
On Monday night David Letterman had plenty to say about Toronto's crack-smoking mayor and poked a little fun at Anderson Cooper (CNN's promotion was a little misleading; it seemed to indicate Anderson would conduct the interview, not Bill Weir.)

And AC tweeted that he'll be on The Simpson's this Sunday at 8 PM. 

I think that about covers it for now.  BTW if you missed the changes coming to CNN weeknights check out our sister blog All Things CNN. 

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aries moon said...

Another standout ATA post. I always look forward to Heroes and may watch The Simpsons ep.

It looks like AC has renewed his contract with CNN and I can't say I'm thrilled about it. I was kind of hoping he'd move away from them--they have changed and not in a good way--there's too much of a right wing slant now and watching AC report on politics these days is extremely frustrating. The work he did from the Philippines is more in line with what I want to see and AC360 Later has its moments but could use some more tweaks.