Sunday, November 24, 2013

Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes & The Simpsons

60 Minutes opening ~

60 Minutes report ~

Anderson's "appearance" on The Simpsons ~

60 Minutes Overtime ~

Gladwell Responds to critics

Says his book is "too simplistic" 

Life Lessons on his bestselling book "Blink" 

How Bill Gates inspired the book "Outliers"

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Anonymous said...

I found AC's interview on Malcolm Gladwell very informative.
Gladwell appears to be humble and knowledgeable at the same time, even when he delves into subjects that are obvious to most people.
His perception of the "underdog" in 'David and Goliath', is true.
The underdog will try harder to achieve because he has to, in order to get ahead.
In the 'Outliers' he interviews people who did poorly in school, yet are successful achievers because they found school and learning irrelevant.
And Gladwell is absolutely right about Ivy League education.
Graduating last from an Ivy League school, Harvard and Princeton, is far worse than graduating at the top of your class from a state school, and in the end, no one cares. It has proven to be a waste of money on tuition that could have been spent more wisely doing something else.
And might I also point out that Malcolm Gladwell is not a Hollywood celeb, but a publishing celeb and a celeb is a celeb for AC. They are one of the same.