Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anderson Cooper Reporting from the Phillippines Tomorrow

Anderson Cooper will anchor Anderson Cooper 360° live from the Philippines beginning tomorrow. With over 10,00 feared dead, Cooper will be live with the latest reports on the devastation and recovery efforts.

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Anonymous said...

Watching the news about the typhoon disasters in the Philippines is so heartbreaking. I said, " I wished Anderson Cooper would cover this story from the Philippines." I am so glad to hear he is doing so. The Philippines is my country of birth but left it 40 years ago and migrated to Canada. I feel so much for the poor people, it is one catastrophe after another that plagues them and make it more and more difficult for them to rise above their unfortunate conditions. Thank you, Anderson for covering this story. I know many tune in to your program. The affected areas in the Philippines are in desperate need of help and your coverage of the conditions there will definitely help the poor people.

Anonymous said...

I hate that this happened to the Philippines, but am glad that Anderson cares enough to go cover it. Have been really disappointed in his shows lately. I hope he is doing it for the right reason and not just for ratings.

Thank you

aries moon said...

This is exactly what Anderson needs to be doing. I hope the people of the Philippines can recover from this enormous storm.

Anonymous said...

@5:47PM: Maybe he just happened to look at his ratings.
Couldn't miss the VF party ....and the rest of the cablers are on the way!
No better motivation than the competition!

Anonymous said...

Add me to the group that is glad Anderson is headed to the Philippines. Friday's media coverage reporting on the super Typhoon was saying as many as 100 dead; over the weekend that number jumped to 10,000 and I think that woke up Zucker/CNN and they decided to send Anderson. Since this disaster isn't happening in the U.S. ratings won't be that high (sad, but true) but I for one am glad CNN is finally doing what they do best instead of showing scripted shows, movies and documentaries.

There's also the logistics of getting into a disaster zone and being able to get a signal up once you get there. As was evidenced on AC360 Friday night - that wasn't happening Friday night. The first live reporting I saw on any network was today.

I'm looking forward to Anderson being in the field and doing what he does best.

For all we know, Anderson may have asked to go on Friday and been told no. Zucker has cut the CNN budget this year and this will be the first overseas travel I remember from a CNN anchor under Zucker's reign. Let's not be so quick to judge when we don't have all the facts.

-- Jenn

Tess Martija Medina said...

I lived in southern part of Luzon 1 hour away from Manila and when I saw Mr. Anderson Cooper in Manila I was so happy that he will make a report about the calamities done by typhoon Yolanda. Since he got there I am always following his report or news from the Philippines. He did a very good job including his team. And also just a few days he was there he knows how to say Thank You in tagalog.. Mr. Anderson thank you very much because not only we can watch Filipino news but we also got news from you..god bless you.