Sunday, November 03, 2013

From the ATA Archives: Naked Air?

We know Anderson flew out of NYC Friday morning.  (He even told us he was going to in the AC360 Later Spree Cast.)  On Thursday's AC360 &AC360 Later one of the topics covered was the change in FAA rules to allow use of electronic devices on flights. Flashback to 2003 when Anderson was co-anchoring CNN's weekend news with Arthel Neville and in the clip below they talk about flying naked!   Given Anderson's disgust with people who are barefoot on airplanes, I doubt he chose a Friday morning flight that was "clothing optional"!  Enjoy this little flashback ~


The episode of The Simpsons in which Anderson is one of the guest stars and plays himself, is scheduled to air on November 24th!  It's titled "The Kid Is All Right" and you can read a bit more about it by clicking here.

AC360 Transcript
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aries moon said...

That was funny, 10 years, he sounds so much younger, but with the same 'issues'.

aries moon said...

AC has always had 'issues'. Funny clip.

aries moon said...

Didn't mean to post two comments like that! I thought the first one didn't go through. Sorry about that.