Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

We wish you and yours the very happiest of Thanksgivings!

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Jaanza said...

Well, another John Berman 360 and another hour spent mostly watching Hayes. Berman started with holiday weather/travel reports which I saw plenty of earlier. Hayes had a Thanksgiving special roundtable discussion; they covered a variety of topics including how to or how not to talk politics during Thanksgiving, the ACA, the economy, the right-wing, etc. It was a little "360Later"-esque but Hayes had Thanksgiving decorations on the table to add some color to the festivities.

Anderson was on 360 on tape. First with the broadcast of his '60 Minutes' interview of Malcolm Gladwell and later with a taped interview with an Afghan interpreter who worked with U.S. military.

Also, Berman iterviewed a woman who said she had a near-death experience which was sort of a preview of Anderson's documentary this weekend on the subject.

The Bulletin included video of the traditional presidental Thanksgiving turkey pardon and an amusing speech by Obama. It was the most flattering depiction of the President I've seen on 360 in quite a while.

Berman delivered a Ridiculist about Twitter. I saw a little bit of it. Maybe Anderson said, "Okay, John, go ahead and do a Ridiculist." but it didn't feel right. Over on MSNBCHayes asked his panel what they were thankful for and the whole vibe over there felt better.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!!!

Do they have turkey in Morocco?

Morocco... not Monaco.