Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wrapping Up Anderson Cooper's Week In The Philippines

This past week while Anderson was walking the streets of Tacloban reporting what he saw, the Interior Minister's wife, Korina Sanchez, slammed Anderson on her radio program inside her broadcast booth.   Apparently Sanchez's husband has aspirations of being President of The Philippines and she of being the first lady.  (Remembers Imelda Marcos was from Tacloban?)    Anderson addressed the incident on Thursday's AC360 from Manila.  Here's the clip of that segment ~

Someone in the Philippines had a little fun with this comic characterization that popped up on Instagram ~

There were several articles on the topic and on Anderson's reporting in the Philippines over the last few days.  Please click on links to read:

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And someone else took the time to put the words from Anderson's Reporter's Notebook over a map of the Philippines.

And a few more photos from social media ~ 

The Ladies of ATA would like to say Thank You to Anderson and his Team for making the trip, shining a light on the people effected by the typhoon and sharing their stories.  Kudos to all!

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