Thursday, December 19, 2013

AC360 Later is MIA

TV Newser noticed what many here have been talking about ~

With CNN Experimenting at 10pm, ‘AC360 Later’ is MIA

If you haven’t noticed, “AC360 Later” has not aired on CNN for close to two weeks, with CNN airing documentaries, “AC360″ replays, and an Anderson Cooper Newtown special in its place.

The show has been off-air for nine consecutive weeknights, and has aired just three times in December. The last airing was December 5, a huge news day surrounding Nelson Mandela‘s death.

As of that date, the quarter-to-date avaerage for “AC360 Later”—which debuted in mid-September—was 492,000 total viewers and 160,000 A25-54 viewers.

The documentaries airing in its place in December, “Newtown: One Year Later” on December 11, and “An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story” (two-hour documentary starting at 9pm) on December 12, registered 294,000 total viewers/101,000 A25-54 viewers and an average of 567,000 total viewers/167,000 A25-54 viewers, respectively.

On three of the nights the show did not air (Dec. 9-11), Cooper was in South Africa covering the Mandela memorial service. Cooper was back in studio this week, but replays of “AC360″ have aired at 10pm.

Upon its premiere, the show was dubbed as a Monday-Thursday program. A network spokesperson declined to comment on the status of “AC360 Later.”

BLOGGER'S NOTE:  The last day AC360 Later aired in its panel format was December 3rd.  On December 4th it was MIA - a repeat of the 8pm hour of AC360; and on December 5th - although called AC360 Later it was a second Live hour of the AC360 format covering the death of Nelson Mandela.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff Zucker needs to do a CNN brainstorming meeting like he did with HLN recently. CNN Prime Time has become a joke. I never know what show is on at any given time anymore.

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, the panel format of AC360Later should be incorporated into AC360º. Make a perfect one hour program.

Anonymous said...

I agree with above 2comments.Jeff Zucker needs to get his head on straight.Ratings are low.Great idea to incorporate AC360Later into AC360 .Anderson Cooper is certainly if not thebest at least right up their with the top journalists and should demand more than just sitting behind a desk reading news.He should beout getting good live segments like on 60 minutes &so much more.There whole programming could do with a revamp etc..Leadership comes from the top &CNN needs tobe rated #1.