Sunday, December 15, 2013

An Anderson Cooper Special Report: Honoring The Children, Newtown, One Year Later

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Anonymous said...

Newtown did not want any interference from the media, meaning the press.
Last time I checked that included
And until Anderson let's us all know where he stands exactly on gun control, he has no business interviewing the victims families.
All his somber facial expressions will never bring these children back. And no, I did not watch.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:48PM

It's obvious you didn't watch or you would have realized that these parents wanted to share what they were doing to honor their children. They have all set up organizations or paired up with organizations in honor of their children. If the victims families didn't want to talk to him, they could have said no, but since they let him into their homes, I'm guessing that wasn't the case.

Newtown asked that the media leave them alone on the anniversary, if you read the earlier posts about this special on this blog, you would know all of Anderson's interviews were taped earlier this fall. The special originally aired Wednesday night and Anderson was nowhere near Newtown on the first anniversary - he respected their wishes.

For someone that doesn't watch, you sure seem to have a lot of opinions.

Anonymous said...

I realize that these interviews were taped in advance, but they were USED for the anniversary.
In deference to the wishes of the majority of the people in the town, CNN exploited the opportunity and used this exposure to gain ratings, not to further the cause of the parents of the children.
CNN is a failing network, and this is just one of the many instances in which they, and that includes Mr.Cooper, will do anything for ratings. "They" are opportunists"......and I'm still waiting to hear about Anderson's stand on "gun control" since there was another shooting just recently, Friday in fact, in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

And they should be respected.