Friday, December 13, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 12/13/2013

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately due to time difference missed some of AC's coverage from Africa.Was hoping he would do the funeral sunday but think that is also day of TAG awards. What has happened to AC360Later? Anderson is still looking somewhat pale &his eyes puffy was thinking he was losing interest or he needed a break from reading the news. He needs to get out in the field or where the action is &have more free reign on who/what is on the program sometimes it is too one sided.Here in BC we dont always get the other stations with his competition but will have to try & ck it out..Appreciate all the updates etc you provide..Thanks

Jaanza said...

I saw everything I needed to know about the Arapahoe school shooting earlier in the day so for the first half hour of 360, I watched a lot of Hayes. When I first got to 360, there was the Arapahoe sheriff's press conference and Anderson talking to Ana Cabrera. The next segment was Anderson's interivew with student Courtney Leypoldt followed by a segment with author Dave Cullen who wrote a book on the Columbine school shooting.

Anon 12:17 PM comment above concerning Anderson and one-sided-ness made me realize how little Anderson has been covering politics lately. The budget deal has been covered but not as much as Hayes. And on Friday Hayes' first two segments were about problems in the GOP and what Congress has been up to. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Anderson has had one segment about the fractures in the Republican Party recently. Maybe this is intentional but it's also unfortunate because I love hearing about GOP problems.

The Ethan Couch/Affluenza story was of course pushed back by the school shooting. Anderson gave a quick overview. He also had a clip of him and psychologist G. Dick Miller quibbling about "killing" vs. "dying". Didn't Miller eventually come around to say "killed"? Anderson didn't show that part. Gary Tuchman did a very good report on Couch's friend, Sergio Mlilino, who was left paralyzed and brain-damaged by the crash. Tuchman talked to Sergio's parents about his condition, their civil lawsuit and the Affluenza defense. In his talk with Anderson, Tuchman said that Couch might be forced to testify in the civil lawsuit. I'd even watch Nancy Grace to see that.

Then there was a panel of Brian Wice (whom Anderson interrupted A LOT), Jeffrey Toobin and Boyce Watkins. It was a terrific discussion not only on Couch in particular but the issue of money and justice in general. This would be a great topic for 360 Later.

It was back to Hayes for Anderson's segment on the Mandela Memorial deaf interpreter and the crimes in his past; just not interested.

@Anon 12:17 PM - you're in BC. Is that British Columbia, Canada? Welcome to ATA and write often!

aries moon said...

No excuse for the kind of 'punishment' Couch is getting compared to others in similar situations without rich parents. There's no point going back and forth on whether his country club rehabilitation is fair--it's not. The report on the young man left paralyzed was incredibly sad--his family is devastated--it was heartbreaking to watch the mother struggle to talk about her son with Gary Tuchmann. I hope Couch's victims drain his family's bank account dry.

If AC360 Later's not on next week, maybe it won't be back at all. I hope not--it has its flaws, but it's a good format when they have interesting guests and topics and I'd hate to see it gone from the schedule.

Anonymous said...

@anon12/14/13 12:17 am. Yes I am in British Columbia Canada -thanks for your kind welcome.Have followed AC's career long time he has been real hero/inspiration in my own life.He seems to be held back/muzzled in his work.He needs to be out in the field etc more he is passionate about his work &sitting at a desk reading the news must be frustrating for him.If he is on I watchCNN as much as possible but admit they can be disappointing. I have voiced my opinion to CNN on some of his work (espec NYeve show) but doubt they care let someone else do the trash AC is capable of so much more. Oh well thats life I guess -used to host/produce my own show guess it never leaves your system!! We have some crazy politics here in Canada also.Enjoy his 60Minutes segments & would like to see more of the AC360Later they have had some good panel members who voice good opinions.