Monday, December 09, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360: Live from Johannesburg, South Africa Monday, 12/09/2013


Anderson with Christiane Amanpour & Brianna Keilar:

Anderson talks to Bono:

Anderson talks to David Turnely who spent three decades photographing Mandela:

Anderson and Christiane will anchor CNN's coverage of the Mandela Memorial beginning at 3:30AM ET!:

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Jaanza said...

While I'm glad to see Anderson in Johannesburg, I didn't expect he would be there this early. Mandela's funeral is on Sunday the 15th. Will Anderson be able to report on interesting and relevant Mandela and/or South Africa topics or will we see reports only tangently related to fill the time?

Nonetheless it was a good start with an overview of the mourning and celebrations and input from Christiane Amanpour and Briana Keller.

360 switched to John Berman in NYC for a report on the weather with reports from Chad Myers and Randi Kaye. The video of ice chunks falling from the Dallas building might be called impressive but only if you have never seen the glaciers falling from the Armory roof in my hometown. The Armory was a big building with the worst roof lines which allowed glaciers to form every winter. Every winter the sidewalk had to blocked around the sides of the Armory because huge pieces of glacier could fall down at any time... but especially in the Spring. Kids would gather to watch monstrous chunks of ice slide off the roof and crash to the sidewalk below. Picture the Dallas ice chunks but bigger and more of them.

My favorite part of the show was Anderson's interview with Bono. I love Bono. When Anderson gets back home how about he interviews a musician at least once monthly? People like Bruce Springsteen or Melissa Etheridge. Big ratings increase right there.

The start of Anderson's interview with Terri Chung, sister of North Korean detainee Kenneth Bae, is when I started checking out Hayes. This continued during the segment about Jordan Graham, the newlywed who's accused of pushing her husband off a cliff. Her trial news that the jury has received the case could have been dealt with in the Bulletin instead of a lengthy re-hashing of the story.

Speaking of tangents, Anderson ended the show by interviewing David Tunley, who photographed Mandela on several occasions. I just hope we won't see Anderson having to interview the person who sat next to Mandela in third grade. Maybe it will be a good story about passing notes to each other but it could also be grasping for straws for anyone remotely connected to Mandela.

I hope Anderson has a good South African trip. I also hope that there's enough going on to keep the reports pertinent and meaningful.