Monday, December 30, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Monday, 12/30/2013


And apparently AC360 Later is coming back....

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Anonymous said...

Dec.30 -great to see AC360Later will be coming back look forward to that. AC did look more rested &alive than before Xmas..Most newss dealt with ok he handled news re Robin Roberts quite well. The continual reference to NYE gets boring maybe someone at CNN could arrange for KG to join crew of Spirit of Mawson stuck in the ice her actions &language might help melt the ice.Given forecast for cold weather lets hope AC wears his "longs" stitched/glued in all important places but still allow him to squat &not bend over &keep his legs closed..Its getting so tiring all the scripted lines AC uses to describe the program. Love ACs work but she is more than a bit much.Anyone looking at SM remarks can easily see amt of nevative &ACgets a lot of it. Sad that CNN could care less about what viewers think. Will be interesting to see ratings.Hope everyone has good new year.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to watch Anderson and Kathy on New Years Eve? I always wanted to see it but I don't have CNN. If anyone is planning on recording it please post back here. I would love to have a copy. Thank you!!!

aries moon said...

The New York Times Benghazi investigation writer was a good get for 360--many on the left seemed to feel that the article vindicated Susan Rice and POTUS but I figured AC wouldn't miss the opportunity to have the writer say it didn't. One thing's for sure, the GOP's Benghazi narrative didn't hold up under close scrutiny.

Enjoyed the interview of the surprisingly chipper/humorous crew of the Russian ship stuck in the Antarctic.