Thursday, December 12, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday 12/12/13

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Jaanza said...

I liked all the news segments about Ethan Couch and the "Affluenza" defense. Randi Kaye's report included the news that the parents of Couch's friend paralyzed in the crash will be suing. There was also good information concerning the judge, Judy Boyd, and a sentence she handed down last year. That case involved a 14-year-old African-American boy who punched someone, who fell down hit his head and died. The sentence for that kid was 10 years in juvenile detention. And Couch gets "rehab" and probation.

Anderson interviewed G. Dick Miller, the psychologist who stood by his "Affluenza" defense. Miller was an asshole and the interview was sickenly entertaining. However, Anderson shouldn't have asked Miller about the judge's decision to give a different sentence to a 14-year-old black boy' that's a question for the judge. Anderson also spent too much time on terminology; "four people were killed" vs. "four people died." But he did get Miller to change his wording and say "killed" instead of "died".

Terrific panel with Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos. They should have had more time. They should have had half of 360 Later to cover everything.

Anderson then scrutinized the California facility Couch will go to. The founder and CEO Jamison Monroe Jr. was on. At first I thought it was gutsy of Monroe to agree to the interview but as it progressed it looked too staged, like he got all of the questions ahead of time and had carefully planned answers. Monroe looked down every few seconds when he answered, just like he was reading index cards or something. And if he wasn't reading his answers, looking down so often made him look shifty and like he was lying, as if he couldn't look at you (or even the camera) in the eye.

Later the Monroe segment included Dr. Drew who had no problem looking right at the camera and stating what he would say to Couch. He also brought up that Couch has shown no remorse and no motivation to be rehabilitated. Monroe babbled on about rehab being better than prison.

Mixed feelings about the first half-hour spent on Ethan Couch. While it is a great story and has interesting angles to talk about, Anderson shouldn't devote half of 360 on Friday to this. Too much on this and viewers will get bored. Couch, his crime and his sentence would be a fantastic topic for 360 Later (unfortunately not on today). Also, there is plenty of other news deserving attention.

The second half of 360 wasn't as interesting. Jordan Graham's guilty plea and the Mandela Memorial deaf interpreter's schizophrenia explanation could have been boiled down to a few sentences in the Bulletin. By comparison, Hayes had a lively panel discussion on the FAA;s decision on cell phones on airplanes and the airline industry in general.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to see segments on the federal budget, the ACA, Ukraine and/or Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Why Anderson himself could have easily fallen victim to "affluenza" but luckily he had some ambition to do better things.