Thursday, December 19, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 12/19/2013

Anderson Cooper taped tonight's AC360 early and the staff tweeted the program's topics

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Anonymous said...

Tonite first part AC360 quite discussion on Duck Dynasty. Personally find them rather dumb &comments inappropriate cant quite xpress my feelings guess I am too broadminded but see nothing wrong with gay people my gay friends are great.Do not belong to LGBT -aside from few bumps/bruises am straight as they come. Prefer to see people for WHO they are not WHAT they are. AC handled discussion well guests interesting. Enjoyed segment on Pain been that route with mylate mother who was on 30plus pills per day till I jumped in on her care! Past 6mos have had severe pain myself due to nerve damage after viral infection.Some docs to prescribe narcotics yoi have to advocate for yourself at least here in BC &to be as informed as possible. Have to catch rest of broadcast later too many interuptions. As side note seems CNN ratings are sure slipping. Wonder what can be done

Jaanza said...

When I got to 360 Anderson was talking to Nic Robertson via phone in London about the Apollo Theatre collapse. Anderson asked the typical disaster questions and Robertson answered with all the known facts.

Then it was on to 'Duck Dynasty' guy. Three freaking segments.. well two and 3/4 segments. But too much time to spent analyzing and scrutinizing what some old backwoods coot said.

Granted, it's a slaw news day and other news shows covered the 'Duck Dynasty' mess. Hayes had a segment on it in the middle of his show. First he covered the federal budget news and then the GOP 'war on the poor'. Anderson could have used some of the 'Duck Dynasty' time to report on back-burner news stories like Syria, Ukraine, Detroit or even GOP shenanigans.

Sanjay Gupta's report on pain expert Dr. Webster was well done. Good information on the investigation and the portrayal of what happened to one of his patients. It felt very '60 Minutes'-esque.

The news about the Target data security breach should have come earlier in the show. Anderson's talk with Christine Romans covered all the bases.

360 ended with the promo for the 10 pm 'Extraordinary People' program. Did anyone watch it?

aries moon said...

I didn't quite understand why Anderson wasn't especially bothered by Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson's small-minded opinion on gays, but it seems to me that those are the sort of beliefs that may contribute to gay bullying/bashing and is not something to just gloss over or dismiss simply because it was no surprise that Robertson held those views. The panel discussion of the DD controversy was good--Charles Blow and Dan Savage made some strong points.

On different note, 360 felt a little disjointed because it was taped and edited.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.22 Extra Ordinary People was good. Need to see more of AC in this kind of program getting real people stories etc.He is capable of more than just sitting behind a xdesk reading the news. CNN needs to recognize their staff capabilities and use them to good advantage and maybe raise ratings.