Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 12/17/13

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Anonymous said...

AC360 started ok but then went to a repeat of his 60 minute segment k Luttrell. It was a good interview but think there were more newsworthy items.Guess we wont get AC360Later until after holidays..In these parts most doctors dont know much about vitamins or deficiency testing. Anderson doesnt seem hlmself &looks tired..Hisleft eye still looks swollen &sore. Maybe he is reacting to numerous negative comments re his NY Eve show with Kathy Griffin! Findit hard to believe his SM comments before &after show re concerns how she acts /insults people &how he feels -cant believe he enjoys being groped etc on National TV &that CNN continues to have her -they obviously dont care about public opinion it all sort of negates how he has managed his life!! Oh well like so many others I will pass!

Jaanza said...

I had one big problem with Tuesday's 360. It started out well enough; Anderson mentioned big breaking news concerning soldiers in Afghanistan and a hospital in Nevada.

Anderson reported on the deaths of six soldiers in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan and talked to to Barbara Starr on the investigation, the Taliban and the future of U.S. forces in the country. Then viewers got a repeat of a '60 Minutes' report Anderson did on sole survivor Mark Catrell of another military helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Same stove, different burner.

Anderson could have talked to Starr longer or a number of other experts on what the situation is in Afghanistan, what the U.S. military hopes to do and what can reasonably be hoped for. But instead there was a '60 Minutes' repeat.

Although the 'Lone Survivor' report was very good and serious journalism, broadcasting the whole thing on 360 made it feel like Anderson and his staff were taking the cheap and easy route to fill time. It would have taken more work to put together a panel of Afghan experts, military experts or even the usual batch of pundits and prepare questions.

The other breaking news - the hospital shooter in Reno - was not on the air until :35 past the start of 360. Joe Johns had a decent but shot report on this.

Yet another segment about the FDA and multivitamins, this time with Gupta and Dr. Travis Stork. Then a report on the wildfires in Big Sur, California including a phone interview with Dan Simon.

The Ridiculist - Anderson's take on Megyn "Santa just is white!" Kelly - had some cute moments but not up to par with Jon Stewart's rant on the same topic.

This post adds up to a lot of criticism. I hope it's constructive, that someone from 360 sees it and more effort is made into making the show better. I don't know why it's not as good as it used to be. Is Anderson getting tired? Is it all Zucker's fault? Are too many viewers watching Hayes talk to Sen. Elizabeth Warren about her newly intyroduced bill making it illegal for employers to do a credit check on prospective employees?

@Anon 11:25 PM - I won't be watching Anderson and Griffin's NYE show either. Unfortunately, she has fans somewhere and they're enough to keep getting good enough ratings for CNN. I'll have to remember to check the ratings for the various NYE shows this year and see how they stack up.

aries moon said...

Wasn't interested in anything on 360. Repeating the 60 Minutes report was just lazy--I guess no one wants to work when the holidays are on the horizon.

Saw some tweets asking about the fate of AC360 Later, but neither AC or the staff responded. I guess if it's gone for good word will get out--maybe it's hard to book guests at this time because people are gearing up for the holidays.

AC and Kathy have their detractors, but there are just as many people who enjoy them together--I am one of them and I saw some folks on Twitter who were quite happy that they'll be back together this year. CNN probably wouldn't have her back if the ratings weren't fairly strong each year.

Anonymous said...

Again...where is AC360Later?

Anonymous said...

Last years NYEve show -AC had comments on FB before show apoligizing essentially for KG behaviour & later another posf re how he felt personally -maybe just a story for viewers. Oddly enuf complaint to CNN not acknowlefged -on his AL program he mentioned Canadian viewers unhappy with program but he did not look at camera when speaking ; she just laughed. CNN is not viewer orientated but we make ratings.They need more creativity from staff get them out bringing good current news stories we want current news others channels do it.As for AC maybe he is in midlife change/crisis his zip & smile are often missing -get him revitalized &out into world bringing us those good human stories he is good at.They talk about changes at CNN but who knows ratings def have to improve.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have rratings for various 2012 New Years Eve shows. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The reason Kathy Griffin is rehired ever year is because no one else wants her. Bravo canceled her talker, even though they gave her a special, for whatever reason.
She is not the least bit funny and neither is Anderson.
Each year the ratings get lower.
But Anderson doesn't object to Griffin because they share a gay following.