Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 12/11/13

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Jaanza said...

At first I thought it was odd for the Ethan Couch "Affluenza" trial to be the first story but it is an interesting case and I loved the panel. It didn't start out that well, Randi Kaye's report wasn't as good as the Gawker article I read earlier in the day.
Anderson's interview with Eric Boyles was heartbreaking and Anderson handled the questions and Boyles emotions well.
At one point Anderson said, "...looks like no one is taking responsibility, not Ethan, not his parents..." However, from the Gawker article it looks like there are civil lawsuits in the works, one from the parents of Ethan's friend who was paralyzed in the crash.
The panel was the best part, fast-paced and everyone highly charged. Dr. Drew went up in my esteem for "Affluenza is an explanation not a justification." and how forcibly mad he was when he said, "You go to treatment before you kill people not after!" Mark Geragos was firing on all bases; he explained (or tried to amid Sunny Hostin's constant interruptions) that the sentence was not appealable. Geragos also had good points about justice and the rich and seasoned cynical comments about justice in this country. Hostin complained Geragos called the sentence "just" when Geragos most certainly did not. Hostin came across as a young naive and idealistic beginner to the law. And not a good listener.

The second segment covered the new video footage of last year's Asiana airplane crash at San Francisco. Anderson had a good interview analyzing it all with Captain CHESLEY Sullenburger. Chesley is his first name, not "Sully" like it said in the screen subtitle.

I didn't watch the segment on the Mandela Memorial fake deaf interpreter because I read and saw plenty on this earlier. Also skipped the husband-pusher Jordan Graham segment. A preview of the Newtown School shooting ended the show.

Parts of Wednesday's 360 were better than Tuesday's 360. But some parts of Wednesday's 360 weren't better than Hayes' program.

aries moon said...

AC360 has been virtually silent on ACA since most of the kinks have been worked out of the website and the enrollment totals have increased by impressive amounts. I guess they're waiting on some BAD NEWS and THEN it'll be the lead story with a tiresome Drew Griffin 'investigation'. A good news program would report the good and the bad. Not 360 and all of CNN for that matter.

The report on the kid who killed 4 people and only got probation was infuriating. How many others have been put away for years for far lesser crimes? Drunk drivers are especially heinous.

The rest of the reports didn't hold my interest. I wonder if AC360 Later is coming back or not, hard to tell, there are always specials scheduled during its time slot.

Anonymous said...

I thought the special honoring the Newtown children was excellent. Too bad it had to be followed by the shows with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin. These two should not be in primetime. I really like AC360 Later and hope that it will not be cancelled.