Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how TVnewser now has an article up of how AC360 Later is missing...

Jaanza said...

The most interesting segment was the first one about Ethan Couch and the Affluenza defense. Anderson gave an overview including clips from Eric Boyles, psychologist Miller and Gary Tuchman's interview with Sergio Manilo's mom. Manilo is the Couch friend left brain-damaged and paralyzed due to the crash.
The gist of the report was civil suits brought by Manilo's family and the other Couch friend injured in the crash. Anderson talked to Ed Lavendera and then the legal panel of Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos. It's great for Hostin to be on so many legal panels at CNN but she really needs to work on controlling her emotions. Being emotional undermines whatever she's saying. Geragos, keeping calm and cool, spoke with a lot more authority. He made it clear - I thought it was clear - that Couch cannot go to prison, in Texas he can only be sent to the juvenile justice system. But a minute later Anderson was asking questions about what would happen to Couch in prison.

The segment on the Indian deputy counsel diplomat arrested by NYPD was mostly okay. The only negative here was that in the panel, Anderson talked to Aseem Chhadra and a woman. The woman's name did not appear on screen until the very last second she was on screen; then her name flashed by in a nano-second. In most cases, the panelists/pundits/ guests name appears on screen a few seconds after they show up on screen. Since this was a taped segment I don't know what the problem was.

The NSA & Snowden segment with Glenn Greenwald and Jeffrey Toobin was okay. I only saw the last part of the segment on big lottery winners.

The Bulletin's #1 and #2 stories were the federal budget and the Dow/Wall Street, respectively. Both of these stories got full segments on other news programs.

It was somewhere around here that there was a commercial for the movie 'Ron Burgendy' featuring a 'testimonial' from a CNN news person. I've never liked these commercials. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when the Ridiculist turned out to be about 'Burgendy'. I changed the channel.

aries moon said...

No one is talking at CNN about AC360 Later according to TVNewser--not a good sign. AC360 doesn't cut it for me most nights now so it was good knowing that the guests and subjects on AC360 Later might possibly make up for a subpar AC360--it wasn't perfect, but there were nights when it was the best program on CNN. No 'Later' also means no more Spreecasts with AC and Jack Gray--I really enjoyed those. I'm not interested in watching a bunch of old movies and documentaries at 10 pm, but that seems to be where CNN is headed. I wish AC would've just left CNN altogether for a fresh start because he's really being wasted there. No chance of AC360 ever improving--it's been stuck on blah for a long time now.

Isabel Siaba said...

What about the multi-vitamin .... how was it? I could not watch.
Thanks, Isabel

Phebe said...

@aries moon, Are you sure we're not twins separated at birth? I couldn't agree with you more about Later and I'm shocked and disappointed that AC chose to stay with CNN. But I guess he’s more secure being the 'big fish, little pond' instead of the challenge of 'little fish, big pond'. It's a shame, he’s wasting his talent much of the time.

@Isabel Siaba, There was a report in a respected medical journal in the US this week saying vitamin supplements, primarily multi vitamins, do nothing and people should discontinue taking them.

Isabel Siaba said...

@Phebe Thanks!!!

@ATA and friends... Merry Christmas and a 2014 full of great achievements. Thanks for all the information this year.

aries moon said...

@Phebe, lol--considering how often I've agreed with your comments here as well, I wouldn't rule it out!

You make a great point about AC possibly not wanting to leave a comfortable position he's held for so long at this point in his life--even the most successful people harbor some insecurity and doubt. The one bright spot for AC is 60 Minutes, even though its taken some critical hits recently, he still does most of his best work there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be a challenge at Fox News, "Little Fish" in an Ocean of STARS, other than himself.
Anderson might indeed be insecure, after his canceled talker. It was just bad advice.
And as far as "Later" goes, it wouldn't be the first time Cooper was canceled, and it's not going to be the last.