Friday, December 20, 2013

Anderson Cooper Honored at TAG's Annual Research In Action Awards

Anderson Cooper along with Olympia Dukakis and Dr. Joseph Sonnebend were honored at the 2013 TAG, Research In Action Awards on Sunday, December 15th.

Anderson was presented his award by Peter Staley after a 10 plus minute introduction.  TAG had asked CNN for a 7 minute video which is the bulk of the introduction.

Anderson's remarks were less than three minutes in which he explained that he didn't attend the event to be honored, but rather to honor Peter and others who have struggled in the fight against AIDS.  He also spoke of witnessing the power of the individuals who stand up, band together and don't accept the status quo.

An Instagram search produced the following candid photos of Anderson that night ~


And from Thomas Taormina who didn't caption his photo.


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aries moon said...

A short but sweet speech by AC. Thanks for the pics.