Monday, December 23, 2013

Anderson Cooper in Brazil +

Anderson appears to be spending his holiday vacation in Brazil.  From social media, thanks to tips from some readers:

Posted to Twitter 12/20/2013

And two posted to Instagram 12/22/2013

Even thought John Berman was in the anchor chair Friday night, AC360 aired an interview Anderson had taped earlier in the week ~

Widow of American teacher murdered in Benghazi: ‘I love you & forgive you’ 
A widow has a message of incredible forgiveness after her husband, an American teacher, was killed by unidentified gunmen while he was jogging in Benghazi two weeks ago. Anita Smith speaks about her husband’s legacy and her love for the Libyan people.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

AC may as well buy a home in Brazil (if he doesn't have one already) he seems to love it so much.

It has to take an enormous amount of strength and faith to forgive the way Anita Smith has done with her husbands killers.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please enlighten me how does CNN or any other station for that fact know who is watching their program to form ratings thanks s bunch

Isabel Siaba said...

Oh, and I living in Rio de Janeiro and I would both see it in person. In a city this size, it is difficult, but who knows, right?