Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Anderson Cooper, Monday 12/2/13

Dear Readers,

When I started this blog on November 26, 2005 I had no idea 8 years and close to 5 million (yes you read that right) views later we’d still be blogging almost daily about Anderson Cooper. Please understand it has been, almost from the start, a team effort. We were a group of friends who were true newsies with a love for current events delivered with facts and without spin.  Tedi B, Sheryn, Quitty, Julie, Em, Cyn, Book Asylum, Sapphire and Wonz all carried this blog and without them there is no way ATA would have lasted 8 years. But life has changed for many of us and CNN and AC360 have changed too. We don’t condemn AC360/CNN as a whole but the focus on political pundit panels, the Tea Party/Republican slant and some of the best and brightest on air talent having been let go has soured us and led us to take a good hard look at how we want to move forward with ATA.  
Beginning tonight we will no longer be posting AC360 and 360 Later rundowns.  To be honest most nights we fast forward through much of the program with just an occasional report/segment catching our eye. Based on ratings we don’t think we’re alone in our declining interest.  What we will do is post highlights from AC360, when we feel there are any, and take requests (submitted within a few days of airing) for clips if you find something on AC360 worthy of archiving.   Comments will be available as usual for those who want to discuss or review the program.  ATA’s new focus will be on news Anderson is making, such as guest appearances, speaking engagements, sightings, etc.  We get a good many of these types of stories thanks to tips our readers send and we appreciate their help.  Also we'll continue to cover AC's field reporting with enthusiasm and our Sunday posts aren't going away, in fact we’ve got a new retro series set to start in January.

This decision was a tough one for us, as we did consider closing ATA completely.  But ultimately we realized we still enjoy the messenger just not the message that CNN/AC360 delivers.  So until there are changes in program content and direction for AC360 we will just focus on keeping our readers up to date on Anderson’s career and public life, with maybe a bit of his personal life thrown in when it’s appropriate. 
As always we appreciate your support and hope you’ll stick with us through this transition period.  Like life this blog is fluid and we never know what’s on the horizon so stay tuned….

Phebe and the ATA Team

Anderson is being honored with a star on the Philippines' Walk of Fame. This Walk of Fame for the Philippines is patterned after the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and is located in Eastwood City. It was founded on December 1, 2005 and new stars are unveiled every December.

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aries moon said...

While it is very sad to see such a major change coming to ATA, it is perfectly understandable given the deterioration in quality that 360 has undergone and CNN's overall gradual shift to the right. Anderson's field reporting remains top-notch and he has turned in some good work for 60 Minutes and on rare occasions he'll show some interest and enthusiasm or offer up an interesting opinion/perspective on 360/Later, but because of the direction the show has taken, I've become more irritated and frustrated with AC's reporting most night. Monday was a good example of this--the day's positive news about the ACA website was relegated to the bulletin and there was a lot of negative talk about it on 360 Later. It's clear that 360 has little interest in reporting on President Obama in any balanced way.

I am happy to know that ATA will still be up and running with pertinent news on AC and have GREATLY appreciated all the hard work that goes into bringing us this blog over the years--I think your new direction is a good one, highlighting only the interesting moments of 360/Later instead of a regular rundown--I will miss the blogger commentaries (if they're ending), but I think many of us knew that this was coming.

Good luck with the next phase of ATA!

Anonymous said...

OK, I have one thing to say:

I did watch 360 for the first time in ages and am happy to say I did enjoy the show. The fact that they stuck to real news was great. I wasn't home to hear any of the details from the train wreck, so I was pleased to hear about it on 360.

The interview with Magic took my brain back to a time when Anderson put aside politics and just talked to people. I remember when Magic made his announcement, it doesn't seem like it was 22 years ago.

While I don't watch 360 every day I do check in at ATA and even read back on some of the old posts, I even check in on some of the old blogs that are still around and though not updated bring back memories of when AC was not so involved with politics, but as the show's name implies did a 360. Now it isn't even a 180, to me it's tunnel vision with only one goal in mind.

Last night I tried to watch 360 Later, but just hearing Anderson's intro as to the topics made me change the channel.

I hate to say this, but I miss the old days.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I have been reading ATA for about 6 or 7 years now and have enjoyed it. I rarely comment anymore because 360 just isn't very good anymore. I'm glad that ATA will still be around. The ATA team has always done a wonderful job. I remember everyone who has blogged for ATA. I miss Sheryn, Quitty. Didn't Purple Tie used to blog back in the day?

Anonymous said...

Phoebe and the ATA team, you have done an amazing job keeping your readers up to date on AC over these many years. I lament with you that the program has declined so much. I wish AC the very best. But the magic has gone and my heart aches for the earlier AC hard news coverage that made AC such a crack reporter. Thanks AC team. You are the very best. Sincerely, Francie Monaghan, Wesr Chester, Pa.

Anonymous said...

ATA-- I have been around for at least 7 of these years. This was the first blog I located after discovering Anderson after Katrina. I don't post very often but I do enjoy coming and reading what you post and the comments posted.
I hate to see it kind of go by the wayside, but I understand since 360 is no longer the show it use to be. But look forward to checking in and seeing what you do post about Anderson.
Thank you for all the great years.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too remember Purple Tie, and there was Cacus something, that first caught my attention and I have been commenting,both pro and con, and reading this blog since its inception.
ATA Team Members have done a wonderful job keeping us informed and balancing the "real from the not real" and posting what was presentable in comment, and what was totally inappropriate.
That takes work and we all appreciate the effort.
Thank you for your time, patience, and ability to recognize the dramatic change and decline in Anderson Cooper/360.

Phebe said...

@ACAnderFan & anonymous 11:13, Purple Tie changed her blogging name to Tedi B at one point. They are the same person.

anonymous, I have no clue who you are thinking about named Cacus. Sooz in the City wrote a few fashion pieces but was never a blogger, just contributed on occasion. Same with Lori/Lip Design who worked on graphics.

Anonymous said...

I meant cactus....typo, left out the t. She was an avid commenter early on.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@anonymous 11:54pm, I met cactus at Anderson's Atlanta book signing back in 2007 and she was very nice and one cool person. I also met Sapphire at that book signing. Also a very nice person.