Friday, December 27, 2013

Catching Up With Anderson Cooper Odds & Ends

Cleaning out our files and ran across a few photos to social media that haven't been posted yet....



Photo appears to be from a few years ago?

From a photo contest of celebrities edited into classic paintings ~

Anderson Cooper was edited into this "Portrait of Jacobus Blauw1795" by Jacques-Louis David

The original (above) is in the National Gallery in London and this is their description of the original ~

This portrait is signed and dated in the year 4 of the French Revolutionary calendar (1795) and inscribed on the sheet of paper with the name and position of the sitter - Minister Plenipotentiary in Paris of the Dutch Republic. Blauw (1756 - 1829) had helped to establish the Batavian Republic in Holland in 1795 and had been sent to Paris to negotiate peace after the French invasion of the Netherlands. The portrait probably commemorates the successful outcome of this mission.

David's image of Blauw is notable for conveying the impression of a bond of sympathy between artist and sitter, resulting in a portrait of directness and sincerity. The rewards of earnest labour in the public service are suggested by the emphasis on the serious expression and on the right hand holding the quill. The figure of the sitter, clad in blue against a grey background, emerges from a subtle harmony of colours at the base of the painting, with the red of the chair to the left complemented by the pink cloth and the bright blue-green material covering the table.

And a Merry Christmas "selfie" from Anderson posted on Christmas Day to his Instagram account

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Oh man I know we are more partial to the intellectual side of the ATA-AC360...HOWEVERRRR...there is no denying ac is lookin' mighty damn fine donning that vacation scruff! Me likey...A LOT! lol

Anonymous said...

Bill Weir makes good anchor &some snappy comebacks which have been missing from AC The panel discussion was good re cap of the year.Anderson's "selfie" picture looked relaxed unshaven like he was resting on a pillow with someones foot on his head . Closing segment was a bit much with promo of the NYE show gets tiring hearing AC play the surprised innocent that he doesnt know why KG is doing show again hope we dont see that segment every night.

Anonymous said...

Looking good in "portrait".

Whai dan!!

Anonymous said...

While searching podcasts pertaining to AC I came across one he did with Dr Drew in April of this year was any reference made to it here?