Sunday, January 05, 2014

2013 New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin

1st Hour:  9:00PM - 10:00PM ET

2nd Hour:  10:00PM - 11:00PM ET

3rd Hour:  11:00PM - Midnight ET

4th Hour:  Midnight until almost 12:30AM ET

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sandyeggo said...

I read that their ratings were down 300-40% this year. I'm one of them. I'm almost a fangirl but my appreciation of their New Year's offering has declined from watching in horror to watching on mute to going to bed a 8PM this year. I really can't put up with Kathy Griffin. I guess I'm not in their target demographic.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised ratings were down SM comments not all that positive either.I onlywatched because am a real fan he is my hero/inspiration but like you I cannot put up with KG. Think Anderson did his best. He looked nice inhis winter jacket but near end was looking pale &cold..Will be good to see AC360 &AC360Later back..Anyone hear what the shoulder problem was ? Lets hope allgets back to normal now am sure Anderson is glad its all over too.Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Been having trouble submitting comment so hete goes again. Not surprised ratings down, as said above am dedicated AC fan but cannot put up with KG. Comments on SM were a lot of negative wonder how AC feels about it. I think AC tried his best to control things.He looked nice in his winter jacket but towards end he did look pale &tired. Anyone know what has been the problem with his shoulder. Will be nice tohave him back on AC360 &AC360Later. Hope new years was good for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Do have ratings for the variou NYE shows.. Would be interesting to see them thanks for all pictures and up dates much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else think Kathy Griffen looked bored at being held back &just itching to break loose.Anderson seemed tired aalso &guess he had to leave for Ireland soonafter.