Friday, January 31, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 01/31/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.....

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Anonymous said...

For the first time in many months I actually watched 360 to see how objective AC would be about the Christie scandal, and he left it up to the panel.
David Gergen looked grim and for good reason. He actually said this was really bad news for Christie.
The teachers in NJ are just biting their time and waiting for
that smoking cone.....drip, drip, drip.

Jaanza said...

Of course the latest revelation about Gov. Christie was the lead story. I was a little confused with the overview Anderson gave because it looked like he had an interview with Rudy Guiliani or maybe it was edited to look that way from the panel on Blitzer's show which Guiliani participated in.

Overall, it seemed like Blitzer's panel was tougher on Christie than Anderson's panel of Dana Bash, Jeffrey Toobin, Kate Zernike and Shaun Boburg. With the exception of Toobin, it felt like most of them provided spin to make it look more positive for Christie and to downplay exactly what the Wildstein letters stated.

Christie was also the topic for the second segment, this time joined by David Gergen who was surprisingly more nonpartisan. Gergen pointed out the contradictions in Christie's statements and the call for resignation from a NJ newspaper which endorsed Christie last year. Anderson bothered me when he said the U.S. attorney / special prosecutor investigating Christie had been appointed by Obama. Was Anderson trying to imply a bias here? An ulterior motive by Obama?

Then there was two segments on Amanda Knox; one with a panel of Toobin, Drew Griffin and Barbie Latze Nadeau and a second with Ryan Ferguson, a friend of Knox's. I spent most of these two segments watching Hayes. Hayes simply had topics I found more interesting ("The Handy All In Christie Subpoena Guide" and a segment on the oil industry and climate change).

Same with the segment covering the documentary "American Promise". Both the segment and the documentary were probably top-notch. But I couldn't resist Hayes' panel about football players, concussions, the NFL business and the Super Bowl.

It's all about content and it's all very subjective. There are many viewers who loved Anderson's take on Christie, the Amanda Knox segments and how 'American Promise' was showcased. If you're one of those viewers, write in and let me know what I was missing.

Anonymous said...

I too, watched Chris Hayes and of course both he and Rachel Maddow who followed, couldn't conceal their joy over Chrities's possible shall we say, impeachment, or indictment, or however you prefer to phrase it.
Rachel Maddow did have the reporter who first reported the now infamous emails from Christie's staff on, and he was a wee bit more objective about today's revelations.
He said it was too early to speculate just what "evidence" Wildstein has until we actually see the documents, if they indeed exist.
I say it matters not. Someone who was "thrown under the bus," will rise to the 'get Christie occasion.'
In the first comment I meant to use the word bide, with a 'd,' not bite. (But when it comes to Christie, either word will do.)