Saturday, January 25, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday 1/24/14

John Berman filled in for Anderson Cooper tonight.  Here's some of AC360 program content tweets:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I came to 360 a couple minutes late. Ed Lavendera was already telling John Berman about the judges decision to let the Munoz family disconnect Marlise from the ventilator. Then the panel - Sunny Hostin, Mark Geragos and Sanjay Gupta - I wondered a few days ago why Gupta wasn't on more of these panels.
Berman got off to a good start by asking Hostin about her comment yesterday 'it's all about the rights of the fetus' and what about Marlise's rights? Hostin apparently didn't hear the question; she answered a completely different question on legislative clarity and redefining the intent of the law. Geragos basically told her she wasn't making sense, Hostin interrupted and there was more talking at the same time. Hostin later even interrupted Gupta when he talked about fetus viability. This panel was not as fever-pitched as the earlier two.
I'm expecting (unless something huge happens over the weekend) another panel on Monday after the ventilator has been shut off and the Munoz family can begin to lay Marlise to rest.

The second segment was all about Fmr. Gov. McDonnell's indictment on corruption. Joe Johns gave a great report and Berman questioned Jeffrey Toobin about all the legalities involved.

The first two segments were very good and Berman handled everything well. But after that the content slipped a bit and I found myself over at MSNBC for long stretches. I did see that 360 had reports on
- the cold and snow and the Super Bowl with Chad Myers
- NFLer Richard SHerman's fine for taunting with Rachel Nickels
- big surfing waves off of California with Laird Hamilton
- Justin Bieber's relationship with his parents
- exorcisms report by Gary Tuchman

Sorry to everybody at 360 but Hayes' second-half segments were more interesting.

Anderson tweeted about the topics of tonight's 360 but didn't state Berman would be anchoring. I wonder if that's CNN policy; don't tell potential viewers that a substitute will be hosting so when they see the show maybe they'll be grabbed by the intriguing Munoz story and won't change the channel. I can understand that, it worked for me for a while today.

Anonymous said...

1/24/14 Re Texas trial again SunnyHostin was off on her tangent.Have to agree with Mark Geragos on this one.Hope there will be some calm on monday. A NOTE TO MARK GERAGOS -PLEASE use your manners & commom sense &let someone finish before constantly interrupting viewers would like to clearly hear all discussion & it is more respectful to your host.Really enjoy Chad Meyers on the weather he makes it sound so natter of fact. Its been a week of Rants -Richard Sherman of your NFL -John Tortorella of Vancouver Canucks &of course old faithful Toronto mayor Rob Ford. What next!!. AC's interview with Laird Hamilton was awesome to watch. Closing segment on teacher with brain tumour so inspiring .Be Good to have AC back &AC360Later.