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Anderson Cooper 360 & Later, Monday 1/13/14

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Anonymous said...

Who is this Dan Savage dumb*ss on the panel? Seriously? He says that the Golden Globe Awards is like "NASCAR for f*gs" I know he is gay but I am truly disgusted. It seems that every sentence that came out of his mouth had to do with something "gay". He's so annoying. Why would CNN have him on air?

Anonymous said...

As a former NJ public school teacher I am absolutely delighted to see Christie in the hot seat.
He brought ALL this on himself.
He went after the teachers and public servants with such a vengance, that seeing all this self inflicted turmoil, with the GWB unravel, is like a gift from heaven.
Evidently, WE were not the only ones who were at the receiving end of his wrath. No, it was all of his political enemies, and in the four years, he has been Govenor, he has made many.
Yes, he has leadership qualities, but it is his vendictive nature that will ultimately be the deciding factor that will tarnish his political ambitions.
And it is no surprise that Christie is now under Federal investigation.
In Sundays's NYT Op Ed section,
Frank Bruni said Chris Christie lacks humility, that last weeks long winded speech was done in order to salvage his political career and that there was too much "I" and not enough NJ "We"
in his two hour monologue.
As a former NJ resident, there never was any intention of ever placing the "WE" BEFORE THE "I."
I know. I lived in NJ for forty years. I feel no remorse.

Anonymous said...

Dan Savage is author of American Savage &no doubt friend of Anderson. I also thought he was gay but referred couole of times tk his kid. Some of these gay types conduct thenselves much different than Anderson who has a little more class. Wonder why Andersonlooks so formal these days instead of his previous relaxed look. Isnt the program a relaxed group of journalists etc in hood discussion or is this one of Zuckers attempts to push ratings even tho AC360Later seems to be doing o.k.

Jaanza said...

I wasn't able to watch 360 last Thursday and Friday so I was looking forward to seeing the show on Monday. While I was glad to see Anderson, the show content itself was rather dull and disappointing.

The problems started right at the start. I missed the first two minutes and came in during a report with the title on the screen "Murder Cover-Up" and there was no other information on screen on who was killed, who was suspected, etc. Gleaned from the report I figured out it took place in Texas and someone named "Wright" was killed or the alleged killer. I had no prior info on the case and switched to Hayes.

Hayes had an hour-long look at the War on Poverty which President Johnson began. Maria Shriver was sort of co-host. If Hayes had a regular news hour I probably would have watched more but Hayes covered this topic quite a bit last week and I wasn't interested in an hour more.

As a result, lots of channel-surfing until I found "Addams Family Values".

However, I saw enough of the report on the Southwest Airlines wrong airport report to feel like I had already seen it earlier on CNN. However, Anderson's interview with former pilot Jim Tilmon had some good facts, especially about if and how the pilot could have aborted the landing and pulled up and away. Also noticeable in this segment was how much information was packed into the screen titles.

There was more on NJ Governor Christie. No panel, just Gloria Borger who had some dismissive remarks about Christie but also said the Democrats "overplayed their hand" in this.

During the segments on Drew Griffin's Newtown charity scam, the cursing toddler video and the missing Madeleine McCann case - I spent mostly with the Addams family.

I saw a little bit of the Ridiculist but not enough to get exactly what was so ridiculous. It just makes me more nostalgic for the old 'Nth Degree'.

I didn't see 360Later or Dan Savage but would definitely welcome someone of Savage's calibre onto the show. In the past, Later has been accused of being too right-slanted and someone like Savage would be a welcome change.

aries moon said...

Dan Savage is a pretty smart guy--he's been on Realtime with Bill Maher & The Colbert Report a few times and is a strong voice for LGBT rights--he can also be somewhat of a polarizing figure in the gay community as well--same with Andrew Sullivan. I remember Andrew Sullivan upset Anderson by saying the other "f" word didn't bother him and apparently Savage feels the same. I have some issues with him & Sullivan, but overall I have enjoyed seeing them on the show. Savage actually seemed kind of muted on AC360 Later, imo, because generally on Realtime he goes after the GOP and homophobes much harder. I like seeing forceful liberal voices (like Savage) on 360/Later since both shows sometimes let the GOP dominate conversations.

It's difficult to believe that Anderson is really shocked about Rodman and his basketball team visiting North Korea--did he REALLY expect them to be well versed on what's happening there? Ideally they should've been, but I'm not exactly surprised that they were clueless or unconcerned about the real plight of the people there.

The "thug baby" story is getting tiresome. Mark Geragos and Sunny Hostin had it right when they said that law enforcement's intentions were not exactly charitable and that their main interest was probably not in helping the child but in shaming that community ("see, look at how horrible THOSE PEOPLE are"), sadly 360/Later seems to be doing the same thing. Child Protective Services should've been called and that should've been the end of it.

360's story selection continues to be frustrating. Crime and punishment, Madeline McCann, charity scams--why isn't Drew Griffin investigating Chris Christie and HIS scandal? He'd be all over it if it was the Obama Administration. Chris Hayes does a big show on unemployment and compared to that 360's reports seem lightweight and irrelevant. There are real issues in this country that have serious implications for most Americans that 360 rarely, if ever, touches and that is really bizarre. It's as if they just don't want to do the work it takes to cover those stories (the way Hayes does) or they simply don't think it's important enough to bring to their viewers. But old murder mysteries are top priority on 360.

Anonymous said...

I think that AC360 story selection is really stale. I think the show needs new producers with a fresh approach. Every show gets stale. Maybe Jack Gray should move elsewhere. I will say though that at least it is better than the Chris Hayes show. He is a boring pundit.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Isha Sesay?

The AC360 Later Spreecast seems to have disappeared like Beat 360 & The Shot.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:06 is right. I just can't tolerate Chris Hayes. He's just too intense and creepy to watch after working hard all day. But he is thumping Anderson in the ratings night after night. Which tells you just how bad AC360 has gotten. It just seems like all there is on Anderson's 8 p.m. show now is sensationalized stories. Its kind of like an upgraded version of Inside Edition. The show needs a shot of adrenalin. They need to hire Jaanza as a consultant. He'll fix the show for them. Does anyone know how much longer Jeff Zucker has left on his contract?

Anonymous said...

I too can not tolerate Chris Hayes, and yes he is thumping Anderson every nite big time. Maybe because HE, actually cares about HIS show's content.
Chris is creepy, but he is well informed. He has been on Bill Maher's show many times as has Dan Savage and they are both good panelists, at least on 'Real Time.'
Bill was on Hardball tonight and he said although he really dislikes Christie, he too is from the garden state, Christie will survive this scandal.
But Bill, has been wrong before.

Anonymous said...

Why cant Anderson have more variety of opinions program seems so one sided maybe that is why he seems bored/disoriented at times. He is intelligent and shouldnt have to be onesided in what hs covers &should be able to voice an opinion more often or would that be against CNN policies. I think achange in producer etcwould help.Jack Gray is ok but too many gay guys can be abit much fresh ideas &perspective would be good.

Jaanza said...

@Anon 2:45 PM - Me as a 360 consultant? Wow, that's big time stuff and I'd be honored to do it but don't know how well it would work. First of all, I'd need to be more news-knowledgable than I am now. When I comment in here it's always hindsight quarterbacking, which is easy.

But I do know that if Anderson and his crew told me the line-up of stories before Tuesday's 360 started, I would have told them, "Nope, you gotta put this story first, have that later, totally change this segment into two sentences in the Bulletin and try to get a totally new segment on this other stuff."
(more detail on this on the Tuesday 360 post).

Also, I'm not a man, I'm a woman, got a husband and a kid to prove it. The name "Jaanza" is a mishmash of my initials since I couldn't sign up under anything resembling my real name (all of those were already taken) so jumbled 'Jaanza' together.

Anonymous said...

11:40PM: You hit the nail on the head: "too many gay guys" can and is terribly boring.
Anderson should take a lesson from his friend Andy Cohen. The Atlanta Housewives had 4.2 million
viewers this past Sunday nite according to USA Today.
Andy isn't shy about being gay, BUT, he realizes that entertainment wise, most of his audience wants to see ordinary people with real problems.
He doesn't promote the "gay issue" the way Anderson seems to. It is not a wise choice Anderson is making....just like his talker.
I know there are some who will disagree, but content wise, Anderson DOES have some 'control' and no one can tell me otherwise.
Panelists should be diverse.
Content should be diverse.
And Anderson should give his opinion on MAJOR ISSUES. No one is taping his mouth shut, not even Jeff Zucker.