Monday, January 20, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 & Later, Monday 1/20/14

Here's a link to the Hoboken Mayor's communication with the Governor's office.  Here are the video links to Anderson's exclusive interview with Dawn Zimmer:

Part 1
Part 2

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Monday's 360 was a vastly improved show compared to most of the shows last week. Gov. Christie and his shady bullying was back on the front burner, this time there was new claims by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. Anderson conducted a great interview and Zimmer had great responses. However, I'm sure Anderson and/or his bosses probably cringed when Anderson asked why she hadn't brought forth these claims earlier, Zimmer answered that MSNBC had the information. And also she didn't want to jeopardize Sandy relief funds.

So it's just a little odd for Anderson's tweet to call this 'Breaking News' when MSNBC's Kornacki broke the story Saturday morning.

Nonetheless, it's a hot new story and Anderson dealt with it very well. The panel with Dana Bash and Gloria Borger was also terrific. They didn't dismiss what Zimmer said (something I'm sure the likes of Fleischer and Erickson would have done) but talked mostly about the long-term impact on Christie.

Zimmer, Christie and his scandals filled most of the first half of 360. In the second half Anderson covered:
- the 'Black Widow' threat to the Sochi Olympics with Phil Black
- Obama's interview in the newest New Yorker and the subject of race; with David Remnick (editor of the New Yorker) and John Ridley (screenwriter for '12 Years a Slave' who managed to mention the movie a few times in his answers)
- Maryland mother who stabbed her kids in an alleged exorcism
- trapping and slaughtering dolphins in Japan.

It was a smart and well thought out show. The only things missing were a report from Ukraine (new law against protesting against the government which prompted protests) and Syria (new evidence of mass killings by the government). Nevertheless, a terrific start to the week.

aries moon said...

Good coverage of the Christie scandal on both 360 & Later--the 360 bookers deserve props for snagging many of the key players involved for a well rounded discussion. Was happy to see the great Carl Bernstein (who made Kevin Madden & his accusations about Democratic motives look foolish among other things) Barbara Buono and NJ Assemblyman John Wisniewski and woman of the moment Hoboken Mayor Zimmerman. There's a lot to learn about the scandal, but Mayor Zimmerman's claims seem credible given what we know now about Christie and his staff's tactics.

I'm generally not a big admirer of Dana Bash's reporting but she surprised me on Later by not letting the panel downplay the accusations against Christie--she really stressed how damaging this scandal is for Christie and his hopes of being a major presidential candidate. On the other hand, Gloria Borger went all out trying to defend Christie and cast doubt on the Democrats. I hope the whip-smart Carl Bernstein makes regular appearances on 360--he is a breath of fresh, factual air.

Also enjoyed Anderson's discussion about the big New Yorker interview with President Obama--I'm glad to see them covering POTUS & FLOTUS without there being some sort of scandal angle involved.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing some comments online saying that AC will be co-hosting Live with Kelly & Michael on Thursday & Friday. I hope it's true because he hasn't done that in a few years or so.

Anonymous said...

The last time Anderson actually broke any news whatsoever was Katrina.
And he'll probably be sitting in for Michael who is extremely popular....expect ratings on Live to take a dive, and yes, Disney is watching.

Anonymous said...

The last person Dawn Zimmer should be speaking to is Cooper.
He probably went into it thinking he could "trip her up," but she held her own.
Anderson knows zero about NJ or its politics and is quitetly rooting for Christie.
My take....Christie will be indicted, just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Before CNN decides to try to "get"
Dawn Zimmer they should learn how to spell Sandie.....the storm.
In captions, under Cooper's interview, Sandie is spelled Sandy, with a Y. At least spell the name of the "storm" correctly!
If Cooper knew more about the funding operation that Christie wanted, it may have validated his arguement that Zimmer was lying.
Too bad he doesn't have time to really source things and leaves it up to researchers and "the staff."
Wasn't that the problem with his talk show? This is called "lazy journalism."

Anonymous said...

In the second portion of Cooper's
'interrogation' of Zimmer he asks her "Has anyone from the DNC pushed YOU to come forward against the Governor?"
At that point Dawn should have embarrassed Anderson and said, "You're putting a slant on this in the EXACT same way you slant your news against President Obama."
He had her on the defensive and she would be wise NEVER to give him another interview.
Hoboken is in Hudson County. Fort Lee, for those who aren't familiar with Northern NJ, is in Bergen.
Both of them are DENSELY populated and could now break Christie....because MOST of those two counties usually vote Democrat
AND they are populated with wealthy, educated citizens who wouldn't have stood for Anderson's
interview....which clearly wasn't objective.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that Anonymous 7:13, Anonymous 7:19, Anonymous 7:39 and Anonymous 7:58 are all comments from the same person? All four taking pot shots at Anderson on basically the same topic. Personally, I'm glad he did the talk show. He says he likes trying new things and it helped me get to know my favorite journalist a lot better. Just please, next time you post, can you try to condense your dislike of Anderson into just two posts. By the fourth comments, I was bored.

Anonymous said...

@10:12PM: Yes, It was one person and I am truly sorry you were bored.
However, it is a known fact that Anderson went after Dawn Zimmer so that he could slam her.
Why? Because of his tone AND
And he is not objective when it comes to interviewing Democrats.
So why bother?
While it is true that I could condense everything, to relieve your boredom....I gather facts from MORE then one source and more than one website so I tend to add additional info. and fact check, something CNN does not do.
Next time....don't waste your time reading about something that
disinterests you, unless of course YOU ARE INTERESTED!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:12....

"The last time Anderson had any breaking news was Katrina."

"Anderson knows zero about New Jersey and its politics."

"Too bad Anderson leaves his journalism up to researchers and his staff."

"Watch the ratings for Kelly and Michael to take a dive when Anderson is on Thursday and Friday."

Wow this is deep! Fact checking, Gathering Facts, using more than one source! You'd give Woodward and Bernstein a run for their money. You are clearly as slanted in your dislike of Anderson as Fox News is towards liberals.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed in him....very.
He has proven to be a "celebrity hound," something he was not originally.
Sorry, but it is true.