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Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 1/7/14

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Anonymous said...

Often turn CNN eary to avoid rant onJudge Judy.Tonite was one of those nites but got a real rant on Don Lemons program.Finally got to AC360 &chuckle with weather affiliate.Then the Rodman rant after which we probably all needed maruyana to smoke.Ridiculist made my day with Andersons smiles &giggle. On AC360 reference to freeze youf shirt off was cute. Here in interior of BC Canada @6pm was -7 windchill -12 forecast is snow &20mph wind. All the metal on Rodman must b affecting his brain what do the others with him think. Sully is right he is disgrace to your country.Sullys story at end is just one reason I no longer attend that church. Good program tonight I thought.

aries moon said...

Don't know why anyone would expect Dennis Rodman to make sense, he's a lunatic and yet folks on the news are acting as if he can somehow behave rationally and not say crazy things and influence Kim Jong Un to be less crazy--the whole thing is a waste of airtime--the White House is ignoring him for good reason--maybe it's time for the media to do the same.

Glad to have AC360 Later back--seems to be fewer people on the panel unless it's my imagination and that may be a better way of going about it--less shouting & interrupting. Anderson seems to have abandoned the no-jacket look he had when the show started--maybe it's too cold? Been enjoying Stephanie Elam's reports, she is a fine reporter and has a pleasant, appealing personality. Also enjoy Michaela Angela Davis--she brings a unique worldview and perspective that AC & the other guests can't provide.

Jaanza said...

In sports there are "fair-weather fans" and maybe that's what I am towards 360. On Tuesday I spent more time at MSNBC compared to Monday.

Although I missed the first couple minutes, I was glad to see Stephanie Elam still in Minneapolis. It was 'rah rah for the home field locale' but the weather segment went on way too long. Besides Elam, there was Pamela Brown in Buffalo NY, Rosa Flores at La Guardia Airport and Chad Myers with the weather map. All in all, way more detail than most people needed. Hayes by comparison (yes, I'm bringing up Hayes again!) had a meaty and strong first segment covering the unemployment benefits extension fight in Congress; this story got a blip of time during 360's Bulletin.

It's horrible what Kenneth Bae and his family are going through but I was hoping the segment on Dennis Rodman and his temper tantrum would have dealt more with spoiled has-been athletes mucking up international diplomacy. Anderson's interview with Terri Chung was good but most of it we've heard before.

Anderson's segment on Fmr. Sect. of Defense Gates' new book wasn't as interesting as Hayes' segment on legal marijuana, right-wing rants vs. reality and racial aspects of pot arrests.

Came back to see Gary Tuchman's "Gone to Pot' installment, this one was all about marijuana addiction. Tuchman profiled one guy in particular and had lots of statistics in general. At one point he did admit "alcohol and nicotine have much higher addiction rates but ...' but people are still incredibly antsy about marijuana. The panel with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Carl Hart was probably the most liberal I've seen 360 in a while. Dr. Drew brought up the Prohibition disaster, Hart mentioned the social injustices in law enforcement against marijuana and they both pointed out alcohol is much worse. It seemed like Anderson kept asking right-slanted questions, "What about children...?"

While switching to Hayes during a 360 commercial break and staying there a while, I missed the start of the segment about Vietnam War protesters stealing documents from an FBI office in 1971. Apparently this is news now just to tie it in with Snowden. If there's substantially more to it, someone else will have to give the details; I was back with Hayes.

The Ridiculist - I think Wolf Blitzer is an okay news guy but the clips of him rapping (a la Alex Trebek in a recent 'Jeopardy') was just too corny.

@Anon 12:07 AM - I like Judge Judy rants. Sometimes the people on her show really need a good ranting given to them. However, her show is on at 4 in the afternoon here so it's hours away from 360. OTOH, maybe I should pay more attention to 360 instead of heading over to Hayes because I have no idea who this "Sully" is. Is it Captain Sullenberger, the pilot?

aries moon said...

I wanted to add that it seems 360 (and much of CNN) refuse to discuss President Obama when there's positive news out there about him (like for instance the big ACA enrollment numbers) but they will instantly be all over ANY report that puts him in a 'bad' light--such as the Gates book (thank goodness Jeff Toobin and Andrew Sullivan astutely recognized the flaws in the books premise--AC wasn't willing to). It's not a news network's job to cheerlead for the White House, but if the only stories they choose to cover are negative ones, it seems a bit suspicious and most certainly not fair or balanced. I know when I hear the President's name come up on 360, it's a good bet that it's not likely to be positive news--and not because there's none to report either.

Anonymous said...

"Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 1/7/14"

January 7 was Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

There was just so much wrong with CNN's coverage of Dennis Rodman in North Korea that it makes my blood boil. Dennis Rodman is a loose cannon and if you know anything about the man at all, you know that. What Chris Cuomo did was just unprofessional. While Rodman shouldn't have agreed to the interview, it was apparent that Kenneth Bae wasn't brought up in the pre-interview. Cuomo and Cooper and all of CNN could be endangering Bae's life but apparently the getting the Rodman rant and airing it and discussing it incessantly for perceived ratings is more important. For all we or Cuomo, Cooper and CNN know Rodman had intended to bring up Bae during his conversations with Kim Jong Un and Cuomo, Cooper, CNN and the American media ruined that opportunity.

As Rodman explained and a U.S. State Department representative confirmed, Rodman is not their representing the U.S. For Cuomo, Cooper and company to exploit his interview to the point that may harm Bae's chances for release is just to quote Cooper "deeply stupid."

Someone asked about Sully - that's Andrew Sullivan, a panelist on AC360 Later. I think he's been on every AC360 Later panel with the exception of maybe one or two. He's a close personal friend of Anderson's and the one that published Anderson's "coming out" letter so maybe Anderson feels he needs a friend on the show for some strange reason. Sullivan has strong opinions and isn't shy about sharing them. The thing that bothers me about Sullivan is that sometimes I think he speaks first and thinks later. He was a strong supporter of G. W. Bush and the Iraq War but now has walked that back. So in my opinion, he's kind of a wild card and while intelligent, not someone I put much stock in regarding his opinion on issues.

As far as Bill Gates book, perhaps it should be required reading before you discuss it on television. I know, that's a novel idea! Of course the CNN/AC360 slant was to mention the Obama administration negatives, so I was glad to see Sullivan and Toobin push back on the Later panel. First I thought it was totally tasteless for Gates to write/publish the book while the administration he served under is still in office. There's a good article in the Washington Post today about how Gates was wrong on the most important decision he ever faced (during the Reagan administration and the end of the Cold War) so it seems like he needs to take a good long look in the mirror before pointing out his perceptions of other people's wrongs. You know, the "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".... Something tells me there's a political motivation for him releasing the book now.

The "Gone To Pot" series reminds me of the 360 series of the pass that end up being put together for a Friday night special so Anderson gets a night off. Sorry if I seem cynical, but I just don't see the value in the series. Seems like a topic that's been debated to death.

I was looking forward to the start of the new year and hoping Anderson would come back from his time off refreshed and reporting news stories, like the extension of unemployment benefits, etc. instead of the staff going the lazy exploitative and tabloid routes.

Seems to be like Mr. Cooper is wasting his talent at CNN and makes me wonder why he renewed his contract. Maybe there are changes coming to prime time that he knows about and we don't, but I'm not holding my breath. Perhaps the answer is a complete staff change? At this point I see no reason to watch AC350 and AC360 Later as the same topics are covered, the same CNN reports, etc. just a different format. I prefer the Later format, but unfortunately, it's airing is unpredictable and only three nights a week when it is on.


Anonymous said...

The "mew and improved Dennis Rodman" got his original promotion into the foreign political arena and with the likes of Kim Jong Un, from no other than his former mentor, Donald Trump.
Rodman twice appeared on two different Apprentices, and was highly praised, on both seasons, though HE did nothing, by "The Donald.
Trump is a fan of basketball which led to his love of Rodman.
But having "this lunatic" act as an envoy or an "official representative of the US, should be on Cooper's Ridiculist.
Rodman is the least qualified person on the planet, and I hate that redundant phrase, but in his case it is true, to be taken seriously in any type of foreign affairs negotiations.
And for CNN and Anderson, to act as though Rodman's actions matter, is beyond surreal.
So now who is the real lunatic here, Dennis Rodman, or CNN Mangement which produces AC/360??