Thursday, January 09, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 01/09/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure why AC360 felt it necessary to bring in Rudy Giuliani tonight. I guess they think Christie needs all the support he can get from his friends in his cover-up campaign? It was bad enough that we had to sit through Ari Fleischer, though I've gotten quite good at tuning him right out. I take it there isn't the love fest between Bloomberg and Christie? It will be interesting to see how Christie wiggles out of the traffic study defense and non-investigation for the last three months. I see David Gergen was conveniently absent tonight after his comments about Christie last night. If CNN thinks they are still middle of the road then they are even more delusional than I imagined.

Not sure why were subjected to Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos again tonight - same topic, same comments - lazy staff/bookers? I would have been more interested in just hearing what Sanjay had to say.

Sorry CNN but I'm not interested in your movies and using airtime on 360 to promote them still won't make me watch them. Again, seems like filler, but I'm guessing it's a Zucker mandate to hype his movies.

With Anderson hosting an event in LA Saturday night, I'm guessing we'll get a "Pot" special tomorrow night or maybe there will be major news in the Christie/Bridge documents and CNN will actually have to do an hour of news in prime time tomorrow night.

Anyone know how long Zucker has left on his contract?

I'm looking forward to Anderson on Letterman tonight. You know Dave won't go light on Christie.


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed most of the CNN movies. Dee

Anonymous said...

Jenn made a good point about Christie's "non-investigation" into the closing of the George Washington exit ramps. This happened in September and Fort Lee is a city sitting at the base of the bridge.
He thought he could get away with this and it came back to hit him in the face.
Coming from NJ, the nation can now see what kind of President Christie would make...his way or the highway, and that's not a pun.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, Christie has informed all of NJ's educators, and I quote: "I don't get mad. I get even." And this is the way he operates.

aries moon said...

AC360 had to ask back all the usual GOP suspects/mouthpieces to try to convince their viewers that Chris Christie is a stand up guy who did what he had to do to get past this crisis. I'm not buying it. What an enormous disappointment to see Ari Fleischer on the show, Giuliani was bad enough, but I thought Ari went to Fox and was done with CNN. With the FBI looking into Bridgegate and more revelations to come, Christie's GOP buddies shouldn't be so quick to think the trouble is all behind him. How is someone with Christie's tough guy reputation going to be completely blind to what his closest aides are doing? How could they orchestrate something so explosive without getting the go-ahead from him or another high up in his administration? Paul Begala was a breath of fresh, logical air on 360 and it was good to listen to his take on Bridgegate.

Totally agree with Jenn about CNN's movies/documentaries in prime time. I'd rather have some live news or AC360 Later--showing non-news on a night where there's a big issue being discussed just seems off, but maybe the ratings will be good. I just don't care for it and haven't been drawn to any of the films/docs that have aired so far.

Anonymous said...

Reading comments I remembered something in an email about changes at CNN. Aktho Canadian I do watch AC programs &any soecials he does as they are usually good. Some other programs due to time diffrrence are not that interesting. I do enjoy some of the news reports but not constantly repeated & a whole evening of Anthony Boudain turns me off. To read the email/article go to Huff Post Media Dec 3/2013. If Jeff Zucker hopes to make CNN more of a movie channel &keep news controlled etc what will come next!! What can we do.??

Anonymous said...

I can actually see why the former Mayor of NY was on 360 Later, Guiliani. He too, held a position in NY as a former Attorney General, as was Chrisitie.
And I fully agree that there is no way Christie did not know, what his Deputy was doing. Yes, he could not know what 65,000 employees under him, were doing, but it is his responsiblity to know what his closest appointee on his staff was about to do.
Don Lemon had John King on yesterday and King was at Christie's conference in Trenton.
Yes, John dropped the ball once again, and did not hold Christie accountable and allowed him to talk "around the issue."
We all know the question: What did CHRISTIE KNOW AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT?" He knew 'some' of it in September. So why didn't he apologize then?
Because there was no link.
Why isn't the press doing a better job?
If these emails had not come to our attention, it ALL would have been swept under the mat.
So now we will play follow the dots and somewhere there are "more emails and more implications."

Anonymous said...

Huffpost is reporting that Christie asked NY Governor Andrew Coumo to back off investigating the Fort Lee/GW closing in HE DID KNOW ABOUT IT.
If this is in writing, and it must be, we may just have a 'Nixon'
like dilemma.
Right now, the Mayor of Fort Lee is not a happy camper and Bergen County in NJ, has a lot of cash to spend.
Are we connecting the dots??

Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow made an excellent point on her show recently.
She said "You don't cause traffic
to make a traffic study."
Very true and to the point and at least SHE GAVE HER OPINION on this matter, unlike some other anchor on 360 Later.
It has really become tedious to hear Anderson say nothing about anything.