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Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 01/08/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair covering the following topics.

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Anonymous said...

Things were not too bad until discussion of woman being brain dead &Mark Geragos constantly interupting &sounding like one ov your Republicans in run up tk election who had no respect for women or womens issues. Ridiculist was tongue in cheek funny -rather a long experiment & experimentor did well to stay out in cold so long without frostbite to exposed part of his On AC360Later the discussion on brain dead woman was good despite interuptiond by Geragos. Is Anderson silenced against positive discussions re Obama &his govt. I am wondering about "orientstion"of Sully &Toobin.

Jaanza said...

The news about New Jersey Governor Christie and the politically-manufactured traffic jam to allegedly punish Fort Lee Mayor Sokolich was the lead story. Same with Hayes. Pissing off thousands of commuters (including ambulances) is not the worst political. scandal.of all time but this one could have big repercussions. It was surprising in the panel to hear David Gergen criticize another Republican; he called Christie "vindictive" and dissed the attempts to blame staffers, "The buck stops with him." John King and Gloria Borger rounded out the panel.

The second segment started with Ed Lavendera's report about the brain-dead Texas woman being kept alive by the hospital in accordance with Texas law and ignoring the family's wishes.
The panel - Arthur Caplan, Sunny Hostin, Mark Geragos - was the most interesting part of the show. Caplan was the best-spoken out of the three and Hostin irritated me. First with her declaration "I'm the only one here with a uterus!" (playing the gender card?); second, her smiling when making a supposedly serious point is very off-setting; and third and most of all, her statements "I AM CERTAIN..." that the woman would want to be kept alive, even though she made statements in the past saying she wouldn't, but since the pregnancy, Hostin is CERTAIN she would want to be kept alive. Hostin's certainty when she never met this woman was aggravating and ludicrous. Furthermore, when Caplan asked her about a brain-dead man with a living will being kept on a ventilator because his wife was pregnant, Hostin never responded.
Geragos interrupted but so did Hostin. Late in the panel when she interrupted Geragos I was glad to see Geragos keep talking and not stopping for her interruption.

I couldn't get into the segment concerning the Omaha NE police-released video of an African-American toddler being coached to use swear words and slurs.

Sanjay Gupta's contribution to "Gone to Pot" week was al about medical marijuana and focused on a three-year-old boy with leukemia. Late in the segment, Gupta said something like 'most Americans think marijuana is addictive and bad...'. Didn't CNN/360 show poll results earlier in the week showing attitudes are changing? Also, if people think marijuana is bad, how could they think injecting botulism enzymes into their face is a good idea (that's what botox is, you know).

I didn't see the fad diets piece or most of the Bulletin. At the start of the Ridiculist I just knew Anderson was going to show that video of a stupid kid allegedly pissing uutside and creating the snow vapor seen when boiling water is tossed. That video was already debunked on the internet and Anderson did state it was possibly not real.
Overall, this Ridiculist made me nostalgic for the old "Nth Degree" pieces Anderson used to do. Some are available on YouTube and they are smarter and wittier than most of Ridiculists.

aries moon said...

The Chris Christie controversy got a good and thorough examination on both 360 & Later. It's pretty difficult to believe that Christie was totally in the dark about what his staff was doing and if he was, it doesn't speak well for his leadership/management style--what a shame that so many Democrats wasted votes on him in November. The emails make his staff sound pretty despicable, a death may have occurred because of their/his petty vindictiveness--this is not someone who deserves to be in the White House.

Not sure why Sunny Hostin would speak with such certainty on what the brain dead woman in Texas would want--she sounded rather ridiculous. Sometimes I agree with her opinions and sometimes she comes off poorly--this was one of those times.

Wish they'd had more time for Wanda Sykes.

Anonymous said...

You can be sure that Chris Christie was NOT in the dark about what was going on under HIS watch.
There will be a fall guy or gal, for his actions, but it wouldn't be him.
He is not the kind of person who just delegates authority to others, that is for certain.
He will weather this storm, but with his temperment, there will be another.